5 Big Slot Wins That Will Blow Your Mind

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  • 25 cent bets that brought millions
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Slot wins are surely a reason for the winners to be happy. Even the smallest doses of adrenaline make our hearts rush. But Imagine suddenly winning a much bigger prize. The jackpots from slots can reach up to millions of dollars. In fact, there are wins so big that they can amaze you. Here, we discuss some of the big slot wins which caught our interest. 

$39.7 million – the record of big slot wins 

More specifically $39,719,826 dollars. This is a lot of money to win randomly when you just try to pass the time before the basketball game you plan to see.  Well, that’s just what happened to a 25-year-old man, who wanted to stay anonymous, at the Excalibur Casino in 2003. The money was paid out in 25 annually with $1.5 million. This stays the biggest slots win up to day. The basketball game certainly paid off. 

Hit the jackpot twice 

For some people it is hard to imagine winning millions in a jackpot, alone doing that twice. Well, a World War 2 veteran Elmer Sherwin who was 76 when he hit the jackpot of 4.6 million dollars at the Mirage casino. 

The veteran spent the money from his first win in traveling around the world. However, he stayed loyal to his favorite slots and never gave up playing them. Eventually, and more specifically, sixteen years later he won once again. This time the jackpot was bigger –  21 million dollars. 

This time, however, Sherwin gave the good part of his winning to different charities, also the victims of Katrina hurricane. 

$35 million jackpot and the strange story of Cynthia Jay

slot wins, online slots, online casinos, Las Vegas, Betway casino, Paf casino, Mega Fortune slots
Slot machines at Monte Carlo hotel, Las Vegas. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the strangest stories of winning a jackpot happened to a waitress from Vegas Cynthia Jay. In 2000 she won $35 million a Megabucks slot machine in the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas. She was planning to marry her boyfriend and travel the world. 

Unfortunately, just weeks after winning $35 million, Cynthia got in a car accident. She was driving with her sister when a drunk driver hit their car. In the tragic accident  

Cynthia lost her sister and ability to walk – she was paralyzed from the chest down. However, Cynthia doesn’t lose hope and lives with the dream to be able to walk again. You can read more about Cynthia’s life in our other article on the biggest casino winners

Big slot wins at online slot: $20 million

Another fascinating story of slot winning happened online. This time the hero of the story is a 26-year old UK soldier from Cheshire Jon Heywood, who decided to place a 25 cent bet at one of the Betway casino Mega Moolah slots. Guess what happened after, he won over $20 million jackpot with his bet.

$24 million with a 25 cent bet

Another one from a big slot wins at an online casino went to a 40-year-old Finnish man. He also, believe it or not, placed 25 cent bet on a slot. 

In detail, it was an online progressive jackpot slot game Mega Fortune in the Paf casino

After winning $24 million, the man said that he cried and laughed at the same time.  

Don’t forget to check on online gambling sites in the USA and  online casinos in the US to test your luck on many slots they offer. Maybe you can be the hero of our next article about big slot wins. 

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