Bigger Tournament Payouts in UK Online Poker

Party Poker and 888 Poker raise tournament prize

A couple of online poker operators in the UK are raising guaranteed poker tournament payouts to keep their players.

888 Poker and <a href=”/party-poker-review” title=”Party Poker Review”>Party Poker</a> both decided to offer more to their players in order to stop them leaving for other English poker sites. Though 888 Poker is big amongst online poker sites in the UK, they had several major technical problems recently. Their poker site broke down a few times, and many players were heading for other internet poker destinations and never looked back. It is totally understandable.

888 Poker’s crew was working to solve the technical issues tirelessly. As a solution, they are introducing the “pause button”. The new feature will expectedly help to preserve the integrity of online poker tournaments. Apart from the pause option, 888 Poker put some money on the table as well. They are raising the prize money pool with USD 100,000. This injection will boost the guaranteed payouts in several tournaments. The Sunday tournament’s prize will improve by USD 5,000. This sounds tempting for anyone who play online poker in the UK.

Party Poker spend USD 400,000 more on tournament payouts

Another very popular destination amongst UK poker rooms on the web is Party Poker. They don’t have the technical issues that hurt 888 Poker recently. Still, many players come and go at the online poker operator. As new customers tend to leave relatively quickly, Party Poker decided to pour some extra cash worth of USD 400,000 in the prize pool in the coming months.

The USD 400,000 boost will improve tournament guarantees. It seems that it will be especially beneficial for gamblers to play online poker tournaments at Party Poker in the next months. The fact that operators spend so much money to boost poker tournament prizes emphasizes how important their players are for them. Meanwhile players can take advantage of the situation, and will be able to improve their bankrolls significantly through the enhanced prize money.

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