Biggest Baccarat Wins Ever – You’ll Be Surprised!


Posted: November 3, 2023

Updated: November 3, 2023

  • Baccarat is one of the best casino games to play and win
  • You can walk away with impressive prizes, just like our winners
  • Check out the five biggest baccarat prize pools of all time

Baccarat is one of the best games to play and win. Our five lucky players with the biggest baccarat wins ever serve as a proof. You can walk away with impressive amounts of prize money after a few minutes at the table, whether you compete at online casinos or in land-based establishments. 

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Biggest Baccarat Wins Ever – Top-5 Richest Winners 

If you’re looking for inspiration before your baccarat session, we have you covered. We’ll list the five biggest baccarat wins ever, with the lowest jackpot starting at… $1 million. Impressed? Read about the winners, learn how to play Live Baccarat, and be the next player to enter the top 5!

John Warne Gates ($1 million)

John Warne Gates opens our list of the luckiest and unluckiest baccarat players at the same time. He was one of the first gamblers to win a massive prize in the card game back in the 1900s. However, this victory came with a bitter taste. 

Gates was an American industrialist and a big fan of poker and baccarat games. The latter resulted in a one million dollar win for the entrepreneur. Thanks to this prize, Gates earned the nickname Mr. Bet a Million. Why? He literally bet $1 million on one of his baccarat hands. He won that hand, but lost another. Therefore, he didn’t receive any money, but we decided to include him on our list because of his story. 

To win similar prizes, use our easy baccarat strategies for beginners.

Phil Ivey and Cheung Yin Sun ($9.6 million)

If you seek the biggest baccarat wins ever from recent years, check out Phil Ivey and Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun’s story.


Ivey is a well-known professional poker player, who managed to conquer both classic casino games. Together with Kelly, he won $9.6 million, making it to the fourth spot on our list. However, their victory was overshadowed by the following scandal, as the two were basically cheating during their gameplay.  The host casino sued and forced them to return the money.

On the other hand, Ivey has already established his name in the gambling industry, while Kelly was rumored to be an inspiration for a movie, so they are doing pretty well. Luckily for all the players, online casinos in the US make it impossible to cheat due to a vast number of security and verification measures. 

Lin Hasan ($12.9 million)

Lin Hasan is, in fact, the first well-deserved winner on our top 5. She also entered the Guinness World Records after hitting a jackpot of $12.9 million at a baccarat tournament in Macau. There’s not much information about her and how she managed her impressive prize pool, but we believe she’s okay. 

Would you like to be the new Lin Hasan in the 2020s? Check out your personal gambling horoscope for November 2023 – probably, it’s the best time to take your seat and win!

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Akio Kashiwagi ($15 million)

Undeniably, a whooping prize of $15 million belongs on the list of the biggest baccarat wins ever. It was won by Akio Kashiwagi, an extravagant gambler, who hit the second-largest jackpot at Diamond Beach Casino in the 1980s. 

Known as The Warrior, Kashiwagi was famous in the gambling circles. He even managed to lose a few millions to Donald Trump in one of his casinos. Unfortunately, Kashiwagi was murdered in 1992, but his legacy lives on. For example, he inspired one of the characters in the movie Casino, while his $15 million prize will always be on the list of the biggest wins in baccarat. 

Anonymous Players ($55 million)

Finally, here comes the biggest baccarat jackpot in history. A mind-blowing $55 million prize was hit by a group of anonymous players at the Australia Crown Casino. They entered the game with some impressive $500,000 bets, but the risk resulted in a massive win, leaving them on top of the list for ages. 

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