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Posted: January 15, 2024

Updated: January 15, 2024

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We have collected the biggest betting topics of 2024. Meaning that we will provide you with events you shouldn’t miss. If you are not even planning to bet, at least try to watch them online. They will generate news, and of course, a lot of money for the venue. But in return, we are going to see legendary moments, which will write sports history for sure!

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We are back with the latest news in the world of gambling. Right now, we will list the biggest betting topics of 2024. If you are not a huge bettor, then these are exactly the events you wish to pick. Because they are so huge, missing them would be just a missed opportunity. These bets will define 2024 so much that we are not even wagering for the money. Rather, we make a minimal bet to say that we were there.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in any of the events, then please take a look at our list of online sportsbook sites in the US. Some of the greatest betting lines win come in different categories. Sports, politics, motorsports, and of course, celebrity gossip! What else can we ask for? Now, let us review the list!

Super Bowl LVIII – Biggest Betting Topics Of 2024

Oh, the Super Bowl! The mightiest sports event in the whole history of the United States. Many people just love betting on the teams. However, there is much more to attract viewers and bettors. Namely, the advertisements.

And of course, the prestigious half-time show. Every year, they are inviting a guest to perform with their dedicated crew to represent a musical style, era, and general sound. This year, Usher will perform at the Super Bowl LVIII. This means that we can speculate about other musical artists showing up from his musical sound. While none are confirmed yet, we expect the following:

  • Alicia Keys
  • Akon
  • Gwen Steffani
  • Lil Jon

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Super Bowl 2024 betting odds

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce

There are fewer topics to enjoy than gossiping. And the topic we enjoy even more is pure romance and a perfect relationship. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will be among the biggest betting topics of 2024. Having doubts? Well, just take a look at the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship odds.

Everyone adores this couple, and while a few might be a little too over the top all of their hand-holding is reported. At the same time, they are a power couple who can show a great deal of healthy relationship mechanics to future generations. In conclusion, we are highly rooting for their future to work out. They seem happy, and we want to bet on the first baby’s name.

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US Presidential Elections – Biggest Betting Topics Of 2024

This event is not just a topic to bet on. This is shaking the world every time it happens. Arguments happen, gigantic campaigns happen, and most importantly; countless amounts of betting markets happen. According to 538, right now it seems that the states are competing over the Biden vs Trump theme the most.

However, some new Republican candidates might prove better than the two of them. We also have topics to prepare you. We recommend you start reading our article on the question; Can Trump become president in 2024? This is going to dictate the new term to be given to one single candidate. And as we learned from history, may the greatest meme lord win.

How to bet on the 2024 US Presidential election?

F1 Driver’s Championship

A new F1 season. And the Biggest betting topic of 2024 will never change the fact that the F1 has a gigantic community. But there is something more for the sports betting community! A true jewel to make money. According to Formula 1, Red Bull is ready to continue their successful run this year too. Meaning that we are going to have consistent winning bets on a few names.

Namely, Red Bull to win the Constructor’s. And even more heavily: Max Verstappen. This F1 genius is almost undefeatable, and he has won the most matches in the history of F1. Last year, we almost stopped writing news, because we all knew that Verstappen was going to win. And he did, every single time. He has lost some Prix, but the main ones he had all taken. Plus, the new Las Vegas GP will boost its popularity.

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MLB All-Stars – Biggest Betting Topics Of 2024

Finally, we have a gigantic event for the baseball fans. Surprisingly, baseball is not among the most popular betting markets. But the word “All Stars’ alone can set the whole mood. An All-Stars game seeks to collect fan-favorite players to showcase the pure spirit of the sport. While these are serious, competitive matches. Often the All-Stars event comes with funny twists or interesting matchups.

Often, the sports leagues offer us a match we otherwise couldn’t see frequently, like a match between two of the best teams. They might invite old players to play with the younger stars. Who knows? According to the MLB, the Atlanta Braves are going to host the MLB All-Star.

The MLB All Stars 2024 betting info

Where To Bet On These Events?

And that was our list of the biggest betting topics of 2024. This year is going to bring different events. For example, the Oscars, the MTV Music Awards, political bets, and the next RuPaul Drag Race season. No matter what you enjoy, you will find your category. Perhaps, you want to bet on the next Netflix movie’s events? You can easily do that! Squid Game 2 is almost at the doorstep at this point. The point is to bet on something you enjoy and find value in.

Alternatively, you can just try to get some money with your prediction. No matter what, you will be able to browse the full collection of categories. And to do that, all you have to do is to register at Bovada Sportsbook! It is a trustworthy and reliable website, with a consistent selection and a flexible wager request via Twitter (X).

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