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Posted: May 15, 2023

Updated: May 15, 2023

  • Do you know which are the biggest football stadiums in the world?
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Now let’s talk about the biggest football stadiums in the world! Football is without a doubt one of the most popular sports. Not just in one specific country but actually all around the world. Often called soccer is played all around the globe. What’s more most of the biggest sports events are connected to it. Football may have the biggest fan base and maybe the most bets are connected to it. There is no other sport that is loved by people everywhere. Right now we have collected the biggest stadiums you can find around the world. These are not just great stadiums but also stadiums you should visit once in your lifetime. 

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Biggest Football Stadiums in the World: Maracanã Stadium

Full capacity: 78,838 seats

Let’s start our list of the biggest football stadiums in the world with a pretty nice stadium. Our first one is located in Brazil and it’s called the Maracanã Stadium. As you know football is highly popular in Brazil so they have some amazingly big stadiums for their teams. And Maracanã is the highest one among those. Actually, if you ever visit Brazil you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see this stadium for yourself. And in case you have already been there share your memory of it in the comment section!

This stadium is the home to some of the most popular Brazilian football teams like the Flamengo and Fluminense.

San Siro: The Home of AC Milan and Inter Milan

Full capacity: 80,018

Maybe not the largest stadium in the world but definitely one of the biggest football stadiums in the world the San Siro. It’s the home to both AC Milan and Inter Milan. This stadium is the hugest one in the whole of Italy and with that, it’s definitely worth visiting. Many great games have been played there. 

Additionally, the San Siro, which has a capacity of 80,018, has held World Cup games. Moreover, four finals of the European Cup and enormous rock performances. It is slated to serve as the opening ceremony venue for the 2026 Winter Olympics before being destroyed and rebuilt with a brand-new arena. Overall, this stadium is fantastic. In case you are into betting online you’ll surely see some games at the online sportsbooks in the US that are hosted here. 

The Home of Real Madrid: Santiago Bernabéu

Full capacity: 81,044 seats

Most football fans’ hearts will skip a beat when hearing the name Real Madrid. This team is believed to be one of the most popular football teams all around the globe. For years the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo played in this team and it’s a team that even non-football fans know very well. So let’s talk about one biggest football stadiums in the world is also the home of Real Madrid!

It’s called Santiago Bernabéu and its full capacity is 81,044 setas. Just amazing! With that, it’s right now the second-largest football stadium in Spain. So next time you bet on Real Madrid at the online gambling sites in the US keep in mind that they have one of the most magnificent football stadiums in the whole world!

Biggest Football Stadiums in the World: Estadio Azteca

Full capacity: 87,523 seats

Now let’s see a stadium that is just unforgettable. The Estadio Azteca is home to Club America and Cruz Azul – both are top-notch Mexican teams. The Estadio Azteca, one of the most famous arenas on the list, is slated to be the only location to hold three World Cups when Mexico co-hosts the event with the United States and Canada in 2026.

It served as the stage for numerous legendary events, such as Brazil’s 4-1 thrashing of Italy. It was back at the 1970 World Cup final. What’s more Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ strike helped Argentina defeat England in the 1986 World Cup.

Are you ready for another one of the 

Camp Nou is the No.1 When It Comes to Football Stadiums 

Full capacity: 99,354 seats

Now let’s talk about the biggest one of football stadiums around the world. In case you are a huge football fan (or even if you keep up with the sports world) you must know about this one. As it’s the world’s biggest-ever football arena it’s very popular. It’s called Camp Nou and it’s based in Barcelona, Spain. And it is the home to FC Barcelona. Well, it’s no surprise if you think about it, Spain is one of the biggest football nations so naturally they have huge stadiums to play at. It can seat 99,354 so as you can see we really didn’t joke about it, this arena is huge! 

The inaugural game at Camp Nou, which was officially opened to the public in 1957, featured Barcelona against Warsaw of Poland. 

The gold medal game at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics, in which Spain defeated Poland 3-2, was also held in the Spanish stadium. It served as one of the locations for the FIFA World Cup in 1982.


All in all, these are some of the biggest football stadiums in the world. In case you have the chance to visit any of those then don’t miss it! These football stadiums are not just a place for many amazing games but also high-quality buildings that are worth visiting. In case you think we left out some stadiums then be sure to comment below! Also, in case you are looking for the best football bets visit 22BET Sportsbook today!

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