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Posted: May 13, 2023

Updated: May 13, 2023

  • The Sailor Moon and Crash Bandicoot-like slots online
  • Slot machines to play for free on a bad beat
  • Free slots to play for fun

We dedicate this article to collecting the top 7 free slots to play for fun. Don’t worry, all of these have their own paid version which you activate by registering or logging in. Therefore, you can find the demo of all of these games on our partner sites. If you don’t feel like playing for cash, or if you have a bad beat. Then chill out and check out these amazing slots. This is not only the top 7 free games, but the most relevant and innovative games in the upcoming two months for sure.

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In this article, I am going to talk about the free slots to play for fun. Therefore, if you are new to the world of online casinos. You don’t have to worry about spending too much so early. Because there are online casino sites in the UK that allow you to try out slot games for free. In these demo versions, you will receive an almost infinite amount of cash. However, you can not cash out your winnings. This is the best way to test which slots have the best actual payouts before you would spend money.

I collected the top 7 slots for May and June. Because these slots are something else. They are going to give you a good experience. Please stay gambling aware, and if you like any of the slots, do not hesitate to register for the real cash play. The sites in our dictionary are always safe and trustworthy.

7. Viking Wilds – By Ela Games

I am always giving you compilations and lists of things. Furthermore, we tend to debate innocent things such as how to hack a slot machine with your mobile phone for obvious entertainment purposes. However, I also had an article where I explained how Vikings gambled. Thanks to Ela Games, you can now experience being a Viking. Therefore, this is a normal slot machine setup with Viking icons and symbols. However, what makes this game unique and exciting is the function of the expanded reel.

Free slots to play for fun
Picture Source: Pixabay

Therefore, symbols can get stuck on expanded reels. This means that you can roll the line in an even better combination for amazing multipliers. The Viking Wilds is one of the first destinations for you if you just want to have free slots to play for fun. It can have a fairly decent payout with a 96,96 RTP. To play this game please register at Playzilla Casino.

6. Gates of Hades – By Pragmatic – Free Slots To Play For Fun

According to Greek mythology, the Gates of Hades are the entrance to the underworld. Guarded by a three-headed dog where the denizen is the God of Death himself. However, we shouldn’t take Hades as the main villain in the story. We all know that in mythology, it was the Titans who were in a constant battle against the Gods.

However, I have had enough art history classes for the whole semester. Let’s spin some free slots for fun instead. In this game, you will get to play the more adult version of Disney Hercules’s Hades. Therefore, he is a blue man whose hair is just a blue campfire. I highly recommend this game with 95.5% RTP.

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5. Bullet Hole By Ela Games

If you are a fan of Western, then you shouldn’t miss out on this slot. I enjoy playing this on my phone. And no matter where you are, it will feel natural. No need to worry about someone seeing the strange game on your phone in the bingo halls in America. While playing this slot, you will feel like watching the intense gun duel of two cowboys. Therefore, you can roll out aim shots and crosses to receive multipliers.

These are one of the most standard free slots to play for fun. There are not too many extra functions, which makes it even better. It has an RTP of 94,42% and over 50 pay lines. Furthermore, this game is ranking as the most trending right now during May.

4. Lollicat – By Octoplay – Free Slots To Play For Fun

Get ready to spin and win with the cutest candy cat icons you’ve ever seen. In this game, you’ll be transported to a world of candy and cats, where you’ll spin the reels and hope for a purr-fect match. The icons on the reels include adorable cat-shaped candies in a variety of colors and flavors. Lollicat is brought to you by Octoplay and it won my heart the moment I saw this game. There is just some aesthetically pleasing graphical excellence in this art.

Free slots to play for fun
Picture Source: Pixabay

However, it is still not ecstasy-inducing. This means that Lollicat is the best for everyone with a sweet personality, and a love for cats, sweets, and candy crushes. The max winning value is 10000x and the slot size is 5×6. This is for those who enjoy taking big risks for big rewards.

3. Dr. Toonz – By Play’N Go

According to Reddit, gaming users have disliked the Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex game. But why is this relevant? Because Play’N Go has created a slot extremely similar to our favorite mad scientist. We know all well that taking inspiration is no stranger to the slot machine world.

Therefore Dr. Toonz is one of the most interesting free slots to play for fun. In this game, you are playing a flying mad scientist who is spinning little artificial alien creatures in three different colors. Some of them can summon adaptive icons, some can turn into preferred icons and some can boost value. In conclusion, this is one of my top 3 picks on this list. Because if you love Crash Bandicoot then you will adore this slot game.

2. Luchamigos – By Megawilds

This is the king of the free slots to play for fun. When I saw this game I knew that technology is going a bit ahead of my expectations. Luchamigos is one of the greatest slot machine games I have ever seen. And if it wasn’t for my love for the first place’s thematics, it would be head-to-head with it. Therefore, Lucha Migos is exactly what it sounds like. In this slot machine game, you are going to spin Luchamigos with their iconic peppers.

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Whenever you are rolling a pepper and a color, the game will pick a randomly colored Luchador to consume the pepper. Boosted by the spicy strength, they are going to give you amazing bonuses. This has earned the best slot machines for May’s top title in my mind.

1. Starlight Princess – By Pragmatic Play – Free Slots To Play For Fun

Finally, we have the Starlight Princess. This slot machine is developed by everyone’s favorite slot machine manufacturer, Pragmatic Play. What makes this slot even better is the fact that it resembles Sailor Moon. According to IMDb, it’s a 7.5/10 anime, which lives up to the expectations as one of the first shows from Japan.

Therefore, Starlight Princess has the aesthetics, the slot machine vibe, and the simple mechanic and it is the perfect gate between the new and old generations to try out the Sailor Moon Slot experience. If you want to play for cash right away, then please register at Playzilla Casino.

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