Biggest Gambling Events In Vegas – 2024 Will Be Amazing


Posted: September 13, 2022

Updated: September 13, 2022

  • What are the things to visit in Las Vegas?
  • Historical events repeating themselves better soon
  • Biggest gambling events in Vegas

The biggest gambling events in Vegas are going to leave you thrilled and excited. You will witness the beautiful night track of Las Vegas in its glory at the upcoming F1 Prix. Furthermore, the WSOP is going to host the biggest poker tournament in world history soon. On top of that, the next Super Bowl will be held inside Nevada. 2024 is the year of Las Vegas, and you should not miss out on any of it. This year Vegas will stay busy.

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If you are planning to take a trip to the gambling capital of the world. Then this article was written for you. Because we have collected the biggest gambling events in Vegas. Even if Vegas was filled with a lot of historical events. We are going to focus on the ones that are relevant and will be relevant in the future too. Therefore, we are going to speak about interesting gambling events of the past.

However, these are all going to return in one year or earlier. You know that these are the greatest events if you can already bet on them at online gambling sites in the US. Vegas is a city where it is a top priority to present state-of-the-art establishments. This is why Vegas is a city of pure luxury.

WSOP – Biggest Gambling Events In Vegas

Let’s start the list of the biggest gambling events in Vegas with the most prestigious ones. Therefore, we have the World Series of Poker held in the city of Las Vegas. Of course, we have side events or other events hosted in different countries or states. But according to the WSOP, the main event is going to be held in Las Vegas.

Furthermore, in the past, the WSOP has been developing inside the city. There were countless sponsors and hosting places. For example, earlier this year the WSOP decided to raise the paycheck of all Caesar’s workers. For those who love poker, the WSOP is an event they should never miss out on.

Biggest Gambling Events In Vegas
WSOP Bracelet – Image source: flipchip •, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Formula 1 Is Coming To Vegas

Do you remember our F1 new track predictions? We were right in the end. Because according to Formula1, the Vegas track is pretty much confirmed now. Back in the past of Formula 1, Las Vegas has been proven as one of the worst choices to race in. Because there is an insanely high amount of heat during the day in the desert area. However, the committee and the government of the city have learned from the mistakes of the past. They are not going to repeat the nightmare Prix.

However, they are going to create a night-time Prix instead. This is why one of the biggest gambling events in Vegas will be the F1 sportsbook betting. You are going to witness a never-seen-before event. With an insane amount of neon lights illuminating the night of Las Vegas. This night track will revolutionize city racing. 

Is The Super Bowl Big Enough?

The new F1 track is not the only sportsbook event to witness inside of Las Vegas. Because according to The Athletic, the city has turned into the hotbed of pro sports. There are countless sports events to follow inside Las Vegas. One of them is the most popular event, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl LVIII will happen inside the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. Therefore, 2024 will bring the first Nevada Super Bowl event. Do not miss out on one of the biggest gambling events in Vegas, and buy a ticket. Furthermore, you will find offers at Everygame Sportsbook that will let you win two tickets to the Super Bowl LVIII.

Visit The National Finals

If you are interested in alternative sports events. Then the National Finals Rodeo is probably the greatest crossover of sports and gambling. Because you can bet on the winner of the Rodeo. However, the sport is so unpredictable that it is similar to a roulette game. Because even if someone has perfected the ways of rodeo. The elements of a rodeo can not be predicted based on strength value. This is one of the biggest gambling events in Vegas if you enjoy some light-hearted fun. But never expect crazy amounts of predictions and active sportsbook prompts popping up with the National Finals.

March Madness – Biggest Gambling Events In Vegas

If we want to introduce this event in its professional name. Then we can call it the NCAA Division I men’s basketball. However, everyone just calls it March Madness. Furthermore, this is its official commercial name. 

Biggest Gambling Events In Vegas

This is a single-elimination event where states are going to face off against each other. This is probably another of the biggest gambling events in Vegas. You can actively bet on the event and basketball fans are waiting to see the results every single year. The winner of the last March Madness was Kansas. Therefore, they are going to defend the title next March.

The NASCAR Is Still Around

If you are not from the United States, then check out the differences between NASCAR and F1. But if you are, then we do not have to introduce one of the most popular car racing events in the world. Therefore, lovers of stock racing can visit Las Vegas and witness major NASCAR tournaments. This is why it is one of the biggest gambling events in Vegas.

The Pennzoil 400 first happened in 1998. But thanks to the renewed track and the innovations in Las Vegas’s racing. We can expect NASCAR to make a comeback to Las Vegas soon. Make sure to register at Everygame Sportsbook and keep an eye out for NASCAR events.

Biggest Gambling Events In Vegas Every Day

We know what you are thinking about. When we speak of Las Vegas you usually expect to hear about casinos and high-stake gambling. However, the reality is that the biggest gambling events in Vegas will happen every day. We have created a Timeline of Las Vegas casinos. Just the famous Las Vegas strip has over 22 casinos. And the truth is that there are going to be even more gambling establishments inside the city. Therefore, having a state-of-the-art casino open inside of Vegas is nothing new. However, it will not devalue the perfection of the establishment.

Biggest Gambling Events In Vegas
Sleeping is overrated – Image source: Curimedia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to be a part of a great gambling event, just visit Las Vegas at any time on any day. Because the city never sleeps, and something will always happen. And if you are not the type to visit places.

Then just register at Everygame Sportsbook and play at their casino section.

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