Biggest lottery winner celebrities that can’t resist from gambling

  • Biggest lottery winner celebrities turned buying lottery tickets into their hobbies
  • Most of celebrities decide to spend their winnings on donations
biggest lottery winner celebrities

You see celebrities frequently on stages or TV shows; but did you know the biggest lottery winner celebrities among them? 

People enter the casino houses with different aims and hopes. Some of them want to hit jackpots and leave the house with the hands full of money. Others desire to become famous. And some just want to have some fun. Apparently, celebrities have both fame and wealth. You may wonder why they would need to play lotto or buy lottery tickets. The thing is, you get tired of any lifestyle if it gets routine. Thus, we sometimes need some excitement and entertainment. Therefore, we may reckon that this relates to celebrities as well. They are also just looking for some entertainment and, possibly, excitement. In the end, it can be a lot of fun. A lot of gambling sites today can also help you in having that. Intertops Casino, Bovada Casino, and other websites offer a lot of games and events to bet on!

Nevertheless, some outcomes of casino visits turn to be unexpected. That is, some celebrities became addicted to gambling and some got lifetime banned from some games. But some lucky ones managed to win big in the lottery!

So, let’s see the celebrities who could take the best from lottery games.

Madonna as one of the biggest lottery winner celebrities

The Pop Queen is the big lover of lottery games. Superenalotto is one of her frequently played games.

Her love for the lotto does not stay at the playing level only. Her hobby brought her a considerable share and made here one of the biggest lottery winner celebrities. That is, in 2012, Madonna bought 100 lottery tickets and earned around $250,000!

biggest lottery winner celebrities
Madonna can’t stop winning.

Well, most probably the next question that arises is – “what did she spend the lottery win on?” She donated it all on charity purposes! So, the money was transferred with the purpose to construct a new school in Malawi.

Lottery tickets help Hugh Jackman change the working environment

Lotto is the Australian actor’s one of the weakest points. Hugh Jackman enjoys it so much to the point that he decided to set a tradition at work. And the tradition was about buying lottery tickets for the work colleagues. So, it lasted for years. Even when he became a famous actor, the tradition was still in force. That is, he kept on buying lottery tickets for the team members from the film sets. Moreover, the tradition he established continued connecting people at the different film sets. The tickets contributed to keeping the work atmosphere positive and energized.

Though he is not among the biggest lottery winner celebrities, he remains to be one of the biggest players of it. And instead of a financial award, this hobby brought him better relationships at work.

Simon Cowell’s passion for lottery

One of the most popular British television figures, Simon Cowell has also become one of the biggest lottery winner celebrities. However, the more he plays, the luckier he seems to become.

So, one of his lucky hits was $1.6 billion US Powerball jackpot! Cowell always chooses “no publicity” on the lotto tickets he has. He simply does not want others to know whether we won or lost the game. So, we do not know whether he decided to use these winnings for charity purposes or not.

Though Simon has everything that playing the lottery can bring to him, he keeps on playing. This only proves how big the passion for the lottery can be.

“I still buy lottery tickets. I still play”, as Simon told.

Presidents can also become the biggest lottery winner celebrities

Apart from being Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe also became one of the biggest lottery winner celebrities. So, in 2000 the President could win at the Zimbabwean National Lottery. The Lottery gave him 100,000 Zimbabwean dollars Award at that time. It is equal to about $2.600.

biggest lottery winner celebrities
Can’t stop winning!

 George Clooney inspired Elizabeth Hurley to buy tickets

George Clooney is another fan of lottery tickets. In 2010, the actor purchases lottery tickets worth €1,500.

He was going to use the lottery prize to assist the victims from Haiti earthquake. Unfortunately, the actor did not win but the effort was still appreciated. This move became an inspiration for his friend, Elizabeth Hurley. The actress was aspired to follow the same goal in case she wins. Unfortunately, none of them could enter the list of the biggest lottery winner celebrities.

50 Cent’s missed chance to hit the jackpot

The beloved rapper almost went bankrupt. It seems, 50 Cent decided that the casino will be the best at solving that problem. And it almost did. The rapper was so close to winning the Powerball Jackpot. He could choose three out of five winning numbers. Eventually, he lost the chance to win $900 million jackpot. But we still decided to mention him among the biggest lottery winner celebrities as well.

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