Blackjack Bonanza returns to Bet365 Casino this July

Posted: July 10, 2014

Updated: July 19, 2021

5,000 EUR up for grabs in Bet365 Casino’s Blackjack Bonanza this July 12th

Online tournaments come in all shapes and sizes and the now regular Blackjack Bonanza featured as a promotion at Bet365 Casino is amongst the better known. The fast paced fun of a season compressed into a day providing some of the best side action available on the net today.

Blackjack Bonanza promotion brought back to Bet365 Casino

• 5,000 EUR prize pool
• Top prize of 500 EUR
• Valid only on July 12th

The basic principle is that players of blackjack on the day who have opted into the tournament gain points for each wager made on any game of blackjack covered by the bonanza that is over the 10 EUR minimum. A leaderboard is then kept of the ongoing score ranking players in order.

At the end of the bonanza, in this case the 24 hours of July 12th, the top ranked players of the day, those with the most points, take a share of the pot. This time round the pot is 5,000 EURO and it will be divided between the top 200 players.

With the top ranked player taking away a prize of 500 EUR this is one of the best value side games in any online casino in the United Kingdom, especially given the low minimum transfer or deposit of 25 EUR over the course of the tournament, which in this case is 24 hours.

As one of the larger players in the market you would expect Bet365 Casino to offer a strong range of products and services covering all the bases of online gaming, however, it is perhaps their impressive bonus packages, and promotions like the Blackjack Bonanza, that put them ahead of the pack.

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