Danish Bodil Awards 2020 Predictions

  • Bodil Awards is the oldest film awards in Denmark
  • What Danish pictures will win on February 29?
  • Bet on American movies to take the special prize
Bodil Awards 2020 predictions, Bodil Awards, online sportsbooks in Denmark, 1xbet
Denmark annually produces a lot of good films
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The oldest Danish film awards ceremony will take place tomorrow, so hurry up to bet on its nominees. This year, winners are quite predictable, especially when the major awards results (including the Oscars) are out. So, here are the most reliable Bodil Awards 2020 predictions.

Let’s start with a few words about the Bodil Awards. It was first held in 1948, so this Danish film award was one of the oldest awards ceremonies in Europe. Since its establishment, the Bodil Awards has praised such films as American Beauty, The Lord of the Rings, Birdman, and La La Land in the Best American Film category. Besides rewarding foreign films, online sportsbooks in Denmark reveal the chances of Danish pictures, actors and actresses to win. Let’s see, who has the best odds to take prizes in major categories.

Bodil Awards 2020 predictions: Best American Film

This year, the Best American Film nomination at the Bodil Awards copies the Oscars list of the best pictures – with a few exceptions. 5 films will fight for the prize, so here is the full list of nominees:

  • Joker – 1.85
  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – 2.50
  • Marriage Story – 3.24
  • First Reformer – 8.00
  • The Irishman – 10.00

1xBet Sportsbook experts give preference to Joker as the most possible winner and we can’t agree more. The film based on DC comics was a breakthrough last fall by becoming the most successful rated-R movie in history. It grossed $1.07 billion worldwide and became one of the most popular films of the year. Thus Joker didn’t win the Oscars as the Best Picture, it reasonably dominated Bodil Awards 2020 predictions with the lowest odds. La La Land was in the same situation several years ago – the musical lost to Moonlight at the Academy Awards, but won the Danish prize.

However, if you don’t like the film, you may also bet on Joker to take the Razzie award in March. Todd Phillips and co have really good chances to take the “anti-Oscars” in one category.

Bodil Awards 2020 predictions: Best Danish Film

Bodil Awards 2020 predictions, Bodil Awards, online sportsbooks in Denmark, 1xbet
Trine Dyrholm was amazing in Dronningen [Paul Katzenberger / CC BY-SA]
“Best American Film” is the only nomination at the Bodil Awards that praises foreign pictures. The other categories include movies filmed in Denmark, so let’s see what picture can become the best of 2019.

According to 1xBet Sportsbook, the Best Danish Film nomination is the most predictable this year. Dronningen (Queen of Hearts) leads the best odds of 1.10 and leaves all the contestants far behind. The erotic drama film by May el-Toukhy was highly praised by critics and was even sent as a Danish entry for the Oscars, but wasn’t nominated. However, the film didn’t lack recognition. It won nine Robert Awards and the Nordic Council Film Prize in 2019.

Best Danish Actor and Actress

The Best Danish Actor nomination is full of great performances this year. Jesper Christensen, Zaki Youssef, Mohammed Ismail Mohammad, and Jacob Lohmann aim for the Bodil award, but the winner is predictable. Esben Smed will take the prize for his performance in Ser du månen, Daniel (Daniel). Online gambling sites in Denmark give him 1.20 odds to take the crown tomorrow.

In a female category, Trine Dyrholm is an absolute favorite by Bodil Awards 2020 predictions. Her lead role as Anne in Dronningen receives the most positive appraisal, so she seems to have no rivalries this year. This is also confirmed by the best odds of 1.05 on Dyrholm’s victory, so we cross our fingers for her.

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