Online Casino Loyalty Programs Guide


Posted: February 28, 2020

Updated: February 28, 2020

  • All reputable online casinos offer their customers special loyalty programs
  • Most often it is suggested for players to accumulate game points that they can later change for real money
  • Online casino loyalty programs have multiple levels that provide different privileges for the customers

All reputable online casinos offer their customers special loyalty programs. They can also call them player’s clubs, VIP programs and so on. Although their policies may differ,  their main purpose is invariable – to encourage the customers who regularly gamble on their platforms. We decided to find out what it is special about online casino loyalty programs. Let’s discuss their main aspects!

What is an online casino loyalty program?

A loyalty program is a scheme according to which regular customers of an online casino receive all kinds of privileges, benefits, and rewards. Naturally, the more often you gamble, the more rewards you are entitled to. However, do not think that loyalty programs are generous only to those visitors who regularly lose. Thus, the administration of any decent online casino in the USA wants its customers to have a pleasant experience while gambling. They don’t want you to lose, they want you to enjoy!

Most often they suggest players to accumulate game points that they can later change for real money. However, you have to reach a certain amount before exchanging them to prizes, special bonuses, and gift coupons. Besides, if you play high stakes and achieve the status of a high roller, you won’t need to bother collecting game points. Usually, online casinos in the USA provide special conditions for such customers no matter how much time they have spent gambling.

Multilevel Loyalty Programs

In many online casinos, loyalty programs have several levels, which are often indicated by the colors or names of precious metals and gems:

  • gold;
  • platinum;
  • ruby;
  • diamond;

The higher the level of the player, the more game points he gets. Also, riching particular status your bonuses and privileges can become more significant.

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Be on the lookout for online casino loyalty programs!

In most cases, online casino loyalty levels are determined by the total amount of bets that the client makes for a certain period (a week or a month). They transfer a player to a new stage when he achieves the required indicator. But if over the next period of time a user does not gain the required number of points, he may come back to the previous level.

Complementary points

The most common loyalty program is the collection of game points. Thus, for an active game a player receives free bonus points that he can later exchange. Besides, they determine what kind of encouragement a person should achieve. Almost every gambling establishment allows the player to exchange points for real money. In this regard, every person who participates in the CyberSpins Casino loyalty program gets nice privileges.

Why you should participate in online casino loyalty programs

Nowadays, when playing in an online casino, a customer receives not only satisfaction from the gambling process but also wonderful rewards. For example, if a player managed to collect a certain number of game points, he has a real opportunity to increase his winnings several times. The main goal of the administration of any gambling establishment is to prove that their customers make the right choice playing on their platform. In addition, the loyalty program is a certain guarantee that the player has registered in a reputable online casino. Moreover, as practice shows, VIP clubs provide their active players with significant advantages over others. So don’t waste your time and get all the privileges of the CyberSpins Casino!

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