Best Poker Podcasts to Listen on the Go

  • Poker podcasts is a great way to learn on the go
  • All the podcasts are available on different streaming platforms
  • Pokercasts help to learn new strategies and improve gaming skills
Best Poker Podcasts

Poker podcasts are a great way to learn more about poker strategies and industry insights. They are available on different streaming services, but the most popular are Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. You can find thousands of pokercasts on the Internet, but how to choose the best one? We have prepared a list of the best poker podcasts which you can listen to while traveling.

The Official Red Chip Podcast

Platforms: iTunes, Spotify, YouTube

As the Red Chip claims, the podcast is perfect for “poker players looking for coaching on the go”. The podcasts provide mini-coaching sessions, which you can listen to while traveling to work. Currently, the Red Chip is one of the most popular podcasts about poker, with more than 2,400,000 downloads.

The podcast concentrates on reviewing poker strategies, but they also conduct interviews with professional players. Moreover, Red Chip analyses different variations of poker, including Live Poker games. This format helps to boost your poker skills and get experts’ advice without spending much time.

Thinking Poker Podcast

Platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify

Thinking Poker is a weekly show about poker strategies, interviews with celebrities, and recent news from the industry. The podcast is hosted by two professional poker players and coaches  – Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis. Andrew and Nate manage to deliver complicated poker strategies in a simple and interesting way. Sometimes, they also analyze books and articles about poker. Overall, this podcast covers almost all aspects of the poker world. Thinking Poker gives great insight into the industry, making it interesting to listen to for both professional players and poker fans.

DAT Poker Podcast

Platforms:  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube

Hosted by Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz, and Terrence Chan, the DAT podcast is a weekly show about recent news and trends of the poker world. Besides, the title of the show is an abbreviation of hosts’ names.

Daniel, Adam, and Terrence discuss news in a talk-show form, giving opinions on various topics and discussing poker strategies. The show also has a voicemail submissions section, where players can ask their questions and hosts will answer on air. To date, the show has 64 episodes.

Smart Poker Study Podcast

Platforms: Apple PodcastsSpotify, YouTube

Sky Matsuhashi, the host and the creator of Smart Poker Study Podcast, is probably one of the most hard-working people in the industry. He manages to produce numerous episodes of his show while still being a coach and a professional poker player.

Best Poker Podcasts
Lexy Gavin, professional poker player – Image source: Flickr

This show is perfect for those who want to improve their poker strategies step by step. Sky says that anyone is welcome to join his journey towards poker excellence.

Smart Poker Study Podcast also has an interview section, daily poker tips, and regular shows on Monday and Friday. If you are seeking how to gradually improve your poker skills, this podcast is a perfect choice.

Ante Up Magazine Podcast

Platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

Ante Up Magazine was created back in 2005, and since then they never missed a single week without an episode. Although the show doesn’t run as often as other podcasts, it currently is the oldest pokercast on the planet.

The show perfectly balances news, learning sessions and overviews of poker tournaments. To date, Chris Cosenza and Scott Long are hosting  ‘O’Mally’s Move‘, ‘Hand of the Week‘ and ‘Listener’s Spotlight‘ sections.

Where to apply new skills?

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