Bolton Coach Resigns After Betting Against his Team

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A Championship coach resigns over betting against his own team and then later sharing the happiness on Facebook.

One of Bolton Wanderers’ coaches bet on his team to lose and then later boasted about it on Facebook. Surely not the smartest idea since the FA rules ban all club staff to gambling on any match the club participates in. And it doesn’t matter if the betting is being carried out in compliance with British gambling laws or not.

The Academy fitness and conditioning coach, 23-year-old Matty Dewhurst, has launched an investigation into the matter, but Dewhurst has submitted a resignation and an apology letter, both of which were accepted by the Championship club. Although there were no suggestions the coach influenced the result in any way, but considering the stance the FA is trying to take against match-fixing, his actions were unwise at the very least.

What did Matty Dewhurst bet on?

It has been revealed that the coach placed an accumulator bet on nine matches for GBP 6, where one of the points was Bolton’s loss to QPR, which did occur when Wanderers crashed out 1-2. It’s rumored that the bet has brought Matty GBP 231.59. However, it’s not revealed whether he wagered at a land-based or online sportsbook in the UK.

A Bolton spokesperson, revealed that the matter has been dealt with internally, and that Mr. Dewhurst had apologized and then left the club. Here’s how the coach shared his excitement on Facebook over winning the bet: “Derby County, 0-2 at home to Yeovil, come back to win 3-2 in the last minute to win me GBP 230 for my accumulator!! Buzzing!!”

Not sure how 200 quid can top a job at a Championship team, but some people need adrenaline it seems. Dewhurst’s further career at any other football club in the FA can be in serious jeopardy over this.

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