Brexit Chaos Pulls General Election Betting Odds Into Focus

  • The Nation May Still Need To Go To The Polls On October 15th
  • UK General Election Odds On Labour Majority 10/1 At Bet365
  • Indecision Beyond Westminster; 4/6 Odds On A Hung Parliament
General Election betting odds

It could well be one of the most important elections in British history, but there’s little appetite among the public to return to the polls. The vexed issue of Brexit has derailed British politics and as the politics betting odds on Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK, indicate, the train crash is far from over. Kicking the choice back to the people is a double edged sword at the best of times, and this is far from the best of times, but that presents opportunities.

Now whilst it is simple enough to look up the politics betting odds and plump down a wager on which of the parties will get a majority in the next parliament. You can bet on the Conservatives at 6/4, Labour at 10/1 or the Lib Dems at 50/1, and that’s all very laudable, however among the rest of the General Election odds there are a few rather more interesting specialist wagers that might attract the canny gambler. Not least of which is the one on Nigel Farage.

Most Seats Winner Odds at bet365

  • Brexit Party – 20/1
  • Lib Dems – 16/1
  • Labour – 3/1
  • Conservative – 2/5

Nigel Farage has stood for parliament numerous times before and each time has wholly failed to get elected, however this time he has offered the embattled Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a pact that might well see the Conservatives have to work with whichever party it is Nigel is part of this week. Nigel is somewhat worryingly 4/6 to win a seat and among the UK general election odds that might be quite an effective wager at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK.

Nigel Farage Likely To Stand For Fourth Attempt At Seat

Farage is even 14/1 to be the next Prime Minister, although that’s frankly a tad optimistic, and likewise the 20/1 you can pick up on Labour winning a 100+ seat majority is frankly laughable. Not that there’s much else to laugh at. Among the UK general election odds you’ll actually find ForBritain are 50/1 to win a seat in Parliament which is enough to make anyone wonder about the direction the nation is taking, although the Women’s Equality Party get only 20/1 to win a seat.  

General Election betting odds
Will Farage be laughing after the next General Election? (Image source: Gage Skidmore – Flickr)

The Brexit party itself are 8/13 to perform abominably at the polls and fail to win any seats at all, with between one and ten at 13/5 and 11 to 20 drifting off at 7/2. To put that in some perspective before you rush off to take advantage of UK gambling laws the Conservatives get 7/2 to win over 360 seats, and 10/3 to gain less than 250. This pretty much shows the dynamic of the UK general election odds right now. Even the bookies like Bet365 aren’t sure what will happen next.

UK General Election Odds Available At Bet365

Voter fatigue could see a low turn out, or anger at Brexit (from either direction) could swell the numbers heading to the polls, you can even dig up UK general election odds on which way that one will fold. The bookies give an 80%+ turn out 29/5 quite a bit ahead of the 38/5 that 59% or lower is garnering, so they obviously believe the chaos in Westminster will galvanize people into heading to the polls in greater numbers. Then again, the bookies thought Brexit was a longshot.

Popular Vote Odds at bet365

  • Green Party – 100/1
  • Lib Dems – 12/1
  • Labour – 3/1
  • Conservatives – 1/3

If a bet on voter turn out doesn’t flip your switch there is still the popular vote to mull over. This is always a favorite wager on politics among the UK general election odds at sites like Bet365, one of the best places to bet on sports in the UK. The Conservatives actually get 1/3 right now, which is rather amusing, and if you’re quick the 3/1 they’re offering on Labour to get the most votes is quite tempting, and right now in British politics, it’s just about the only thing that is.

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