British gambling industry driven by non-remote betting

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The Gambling Commission in the UK releases figures showing non-remote gambling still dominates.

The explosion of remote gambling operators in the UK was feared to herald the death throws of the more traditional arenas for wagering. This has thus far proven to be unfounded as the Uk Gambling Commission, who regulate UK gambling laws, has reported this week.

The UK’s total gross gambling yield is almost £6.7 billion (as measured between Oct.2012 and Sept. 2013) excluding the popular National Lottery’s earnings. That’s an increase of some £250 million.

48% of that was from non-remote gambling (some £3.3 billion) with non-remote casinos and remote operators both only managing a third of that (£1.1 billion each) barely 16% of the total.

Double Down

However with half of the £250 million rise due to increased remote operators yield the future still looks set to include fierce competition between the two camps.

With remote operators having doubled their earnings in the last five years, and physical betting offices on the decline it’ll be an interesting time for online betting in the UK.

The 45 closures probably accounting for the 3% drop in the number of people employed across the industry to just some 104,137 at the current time.

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