British Sportsbook Betfair Introduced Application Programming Interface


Posted: April 17, 2012

Updated: April 17, 2012

Renowned British online sportsbook Betfair announced the launch of its exclusive Application Programming Interface.

The Application Programming Interface (API) from Betfair was designed to offer live data from the Betfair Exchange, operating in full compliance with British gambling laws, to application developer community. The delivery of data will be carried out over the brand new Betfair App Cloud Service.

The brand new service is destined to persuade various app developers to focus on coming up with new products for online sportsbooks in United Kingdom. The service allows developing such products as mobile applications, websites, widgets and others to be hosted on the Private App Cloud from Betfair.

United Kingdom gambling news suggest that any developer to join the Betfair program can earn a certain revenue share from their app development from all customers, who chose their application or simply by coming up with a subscription fee for customers.

Currently Betfair’s sportsbook revenues consist of over 20 percent flowing from apps and interfaced developed by outside companies. The API is expected to further boost that figure.

Carel Vosloo, App Cloud Director at Betfair, told media: “Our App Cloud will further enhance the dynamism and productivity of Betfair’s developer community and in turn make more Betfair products accessible to more customers.”

He went on to add: “Having a vibrant developer community enables Betfair to outsource ingenuity and facilitate further innovation in its product range.”

Betfair remains one of the strongest online sportsbooks in Britain and worldwide, encompassing almost every sporting event on the globe. Their sports betting offers cover virtually any occurrence during a specific sporting event and include mobile betting alongside live betting offers.

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