Choose Villaraigosa When Placing California Governor Recall Betting

  • Villaraigosa is the favorite despite yet to confirm he is running
  • Jenner hopes to replicate Schwarzenegger’s success
  • Mercuri and Cox are among top candidates
California governor recall betting
Image source – Rene Min, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2021 seems to be underway. A few bureaucratic steps are still to be fulfilled before the date is set sometime in the fall. Gov. Newsom will have a long list of challengers on the ballot. We look at the biggest names likely to run against him. And, we offer early predictions on who you should choose when placing your California governor recall betting.

Dozens of people in California announced or hinted they intend to run on the ballot in the recall election. Some of them are Republican figures, celebrities, and Democratic figures, as per online sportsbook news in the United States. While gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election odds suggest he will likely survive, his challengers will only have a chance if he fails to get more than 50 percent of the votes.

There is no official list of candidates yet. However, the list of hopefuls has been remarkably growing lately. Before you place California governor recall betting on a challenger, we discuss some names that are more serious than others. Besides, these names have either declared or publicly expressed they do not mind running.

Villaraigosa leads California governor recall betting odds

California governor recall betting
Antonio Villaraigosa – Image via Flickr

The former mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa is a possible Democratic candidate. Three years ago he had an underwhelming performance in the California governor’s race. But, this time he might enjoy strong support from the Democrats who seek to blunt the chances of a Republican.

The 68-year-old Villaraigosa was largely behind the scenes in the past few years. But, he recently reappeared more frequently. It could be a sign that he aspires to run, given that no other elections in the country are coming. The 22BET Sportsbook offers 11 odds on Villaraigosa to win should Newsom be recalled.

Jenner aims to take Schwarzenegger’s path

A former Olympic athlete and transgender celebrity activist Caitlyn Jenner has officially announced she is running, as per ABC7 News. She seems to be seeking a similar path to Arnold Schwarzenegger who was able to win the 2003 recall election. However, as L. A Times reported, Jenner is not as famous and credible in public-policy space as Schwarzenegger was. So, despite that her odds are 23, Jenner will likely have a lesser chance to replicate Shwerzenegger’s success.

Mercuri’s name has emerged among the potential favorites

The Republican veteran Daniel Mercui born in Santa Ana ran for Congress before but lost. It was a special election for California’s 25th congressional district after Democrat Katie Hill resigned. He ran on a conservative platform but failed to make an appealing campaign. Most online sportsbooks in the United States consider him among the top potential candidates. His odds are 26 to win, but obviously, he will have a very tough contest.

Cox ran in 2018 but lost

The San Diego multi-millionaire John Herman Cox ran in 2018 for California governor and finished as the runner-up. He spent $5.7 million of his own money but lost to Newsom by 24 percent. Given that he is one of the major funders of the recall effort, Cox will likely have his name on the ballot. However, you should probably choose one of the previous candidates when placing a California governor recall betting. It is hard to see why Cox will win against Newsom this time.

If you wish to see the entire list of candidates and the best odds to replace Newsom, you may check out the review about 22BET Sportsbook.

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