California Seeks to Legalize Sports Betting

The state of California, after New Jersey, is another state to challenge the federal ban on sports betting. Rebellion is cooking.

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The dark times for online casinos in United States came few years ago when the regulators delegalized them on the American soil. This threw the industry into mayhem.

Last year, the crackdown continued when the online poker sites in United States were shut down while their owners charged with felonies.

However, soon after the Department of Justice declared that there should be no reason for banning these sites and, as a result, there are now efforts to change the American gambling laws at the federal and state levels.

This is a summary of what has happened in the past few months as our site has been regularly updating our readers about the ongoing developments. As it becomes clear, the states are moving faster than the federal lawmakers when it comes to gambling laws.

States such as Nevada, New Jersey, and New York are steadily moving forward. Delaware and California are jumping on the bandwagon, while other states, such as Florida, are quite unfriendly when it comes to online betting.

As the news spread, there is a great hope for the online gambling in America. However, as the Wire Act of 1966 states, no online sportsbooks in USA, especially on interstate basis, are allowed. Nevertheless, states such as New Jersey are challenging it. Now, another state, California is seeking to legalize sports betting on its territory.

As of now, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 allows sports betting in only four states: Nevada, Montana, Oregon, and Delaware. Will the federal government bend to the likes of Christie, the New Jersey governor, who just stated he’s going for legal sports betting in the state? That is yet to be seen and we will certainly update the readers as breaking news arrive.

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