The Start of New Spanish Online Gamlbing Delayed by Mutual Agreement

The launch of online gambling in Spain under new regulations is delayed once more, but not for long, it seems.

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The gambling industry trade association agreed with potential operators to delay the launch of sites under brand new Spanish gambling laws.

This time around the sites will be launched bearing .es domain suffix. The licenses for new operations will go live on the 1st of June, yet a small delay is expected after a letter was sent to all operators by the Spanish industry trade association.

Spain gambling news reports that the operators have agreed to this small delay and will launch their brand new Spanish services on the liberalized market on June 5. Until then, gamers are still welcome to play thanks to the extension of the moratorium in order to accommodate the mutually agreed delay.

Spokesperson for one of the concerned operators of online casinos in Spain, JDigital, explained the reasons for the delay by the intervening weekend.

The two days cutting in between June 1st and the slightly delayed start of operations might have endangered the official switch-on and complicated the procedure. In order to avoid possible complication all operators seem to have accommodated the request from the trade association.

The spokesperson for JDigital had the following comments: “Good industry practices indicate that this type of technical project should be set on a weekday and in the early morning, where there will be better response from technical teams and user volume and activity is more manageable.”

Spanish government put further complications on potential gambling operators by the requirement to fork over back taxes, which were not part of the initial agreement, read more in our Spanish Government Turns Greedy on Potential Gambling Operators article.

It still remains to be seen just how many operators will choose to pay the taxes, dating back years, in order to start the business under the new regulations.

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