California’s New Internet Poker Bill May See the “Bad Actor” Clause Changed

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”Bad Actor” clause may be susceptible to a review once the newly formed online poker bill is presented to the state of California.

California Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer and Senator Joe Correa initially set forward the modified bill in February, but it wasn’t on the agenda until recently according to gambling news. Jones-Sawyer believes they have the means and the proper backing see the bill come to fruition imminently.

The “Bad Actor” clause previously dictated the exclusion of any provider or other market affiliate with ties to online gaming in the US after December 31, 2006 from having the right to apply for a license. However, now the 2015-16 legislative session might witness a change.

The “Bad Actor” would have spelled a disaster for the world famous poker site PokerStars, as it would have blocked them from entering the market. Luckily, many concerned parties have shown support for their cause and are ready to take action.

Jones-Sawyer remains optimistic

Jones-Sawyer highlighted the several angels have been looked at to solve problem with the US poker rooms in California and that they will proceed with the necessary steps shortly. “We must make sure that any ‘Bad Actor Language’ is written so that it is applied fairly, and avoids any possible future legal challenges.”

He also added, “It is my hope that during the next few months we can continue the dialogue with all the interested principals so that there is a clear consensus and mutual agreement as to who will be able to participate in providing internet poker to our citizens.”

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