Massachusetts Might Withdraw Support for Casinos

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As America’s casino industry is showing signs of a slowdown, voters in Massachusetts may put a stop to the gambling business.

While the fate of internet gambling in the US remains undecided, the land-based casino industry seems to have hit a rough patch. A number of gambling venues have opened over the past few years, and more will follow, but experts warn the market is near its saturation point.

Massachusetts was among the last states to approve casinos and slot parlors. Back in 2011, locals gave their blessing for three casino licenses across the state. All officials had to do was wait for investors to line up at their doors and make sure their offers comply with all the requirements of the current American gambling laws.

But now voters seem to have taken heed of all the warnings, and the state might reverse its decision after another referendum scheduled for November.

Anti-gambling activists pushing for casino ban

Behind the initiative is a multimillion-dollar campaign led by religious leaders and local businesses, which is laying the ground for a casino ban in the state. And considering that the market is close to saturation, their plans might succeed.

Richard McGowan, a Boston College teacher who specializes in gambling said: “If Massachusetts votes to repeal casinos, this could represent a turning of the tide. But even if the casinos win, the fact that they’re even having this vote says to the industry that maybe they should think twice about how many casinos they’re opening.”

The state’s economy has improved over the past few years, and activists are claiming casinos had little to do with it. They are pointing out the harmful effects of gambling and asking voters to shut casinos down.

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