You Can Already Bet on World Cup 2022 Winner!

The World Cup has barely even finished and French people didn’t even sober up from all the celebration…

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Bet on World Cup 2022 Winner!

…but life at sites in the online sportsbook directory does not stop, not even for a second!

You can already bet on World Cup 202 winner! Upon joining the best online betting sites in the United Kingdom, you will already see outright World Cup 2022 winner odds, which are kind of surprising. Mostly because of the fact that not even one week has passed since the World Cup final between France and Croatia.

Will France defend their title?

France were favourites to win the World Cup 2018 according to the best online betting sites in the United Kingdom. Les Bleus lived up to the expectations and made all French people pretty happy upon winning the second World Cup trophy for the nation, 20 years after winning it for the first time.

Based on the previous years, one shall not bet on France to win the World Cup again. In fact, one shall bet on France to be knocked out in the group stage, as they were back in 2012 as well. The odds for this will be pretty good, but if you do believe in the French team winning their 3rd World Cup trophy in Qatar, then you should take advantage of the 8.00 odds for France to win the World Cup.

France World Cup 2018 Winners
France were the best football team in 2018.

Can Brazil win the World Cup in 2022?

Brazil are always among the hottest picks when it comes to outright World Cup winner odds. The next tournament won’t be any different. In fact, they are the biggest favourites as of today, just like they were for this year’s tournament. The odds for Brazil to win the World Cup are 7.00. Is it time to bet on Brazil to win World Cup 2022?

Will Spain equalize to France?

France won their very first World Cup in 1998, and the second in 2018. Spain won their very first World Cup trophy in 2010 and they hope to get the second in 2022. Can they do it? Can Spain win the World Cup again? They were among the best favourites up until the moment when the president decided to fire the manager just one day before the World Cup.

Since then, they appointed Luis Enrique as head coach for La Furia Roja. The odds for Spain to win the World Cup are 8.00, and it might not be a bad pick. They made it to the QFs without the manager, their players won’t be any worse and they will even have a manager – probably – during the next World Cup. Those suggest placing a bet on Spain to win the World Cup is actually a good idea.

Will it come home from Qatar?

English football fans really believed that 2018 will be their year and England was gonna win the World Cup. True, the Southgate team was perfect from free kicks and corners, but other than that, nothing special. They met 2 serious teams 3 times and lost all 3 matches. But they do have 4 years of improvement.

Do you believe that Gareth Southgate will bring it home, as many expected him to do so this year after beating Panama and Tunisia? Maybe next time they will have even more luck and then who knows what happens. Anyways, you can always bet on England to win the World Cup. The odds are 15.00.

Should you bet on the underdogs?

It might sound kind of funny to put Netherlands and Italy into the underdogs section, but they are underdogs to win the World Cup. The odds for Italy to win the World Cup are 15.00, while the odds for the Netherlands to win the World Cup are 20.00. Which is pretty good, regarding the fact that both of them failed to qualify for this year’s tournament.

Putin Infantino Modric World Cup Golden Ball
Vladimir Putin gave the Golden Ball to the best player of the tournament, Luka Modric.

Other picks that could make sense would be this year’s semi-finalist Belgium and runner-up Croatia. The odds for Belgium to win World Cup 2022 are 13.00, while the odds for Croatia to win the World Cup are 40.00. As you can see, online sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom don’t really believe in these teams.

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