Can Legal Poker in America Save the Global Online Poker Industry from Decline

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In recent times the online poker industry has been experiencing a slight decline, which poses the question if a regulated US poker market can lead the way to global recovery?

The Global Poker Index (GPI) serves to provide the public with relevant data pertaining to the poker industry. However, times and times over the result have proven to be somewhat skewed, as they do not always show the complete and accurate picture.

Results gathered from studies indicate that the global online poker industry has decreased a considerable degree from this time last year. Data shows that internet poker activity has fallen by around 13 percent, which causes great concern. Should the US implement a successful online poker market, the slump may end and turn green for the industry worldwide.

Problems in Europe

Gambling news reports that European nations such as France, Italy and Spain are having a hard time finding a common ground from which all parties could profit. They still don’t want to have a common liquidity pool, which only dampens their efforts. Also, the respective countries strangle their hopes of success by impose high tax rates for online poker operators.

The performance of some poker tournaments across Europe has not been great either. The World Poker Tour (WPT) was considerably successful in the US, however the numbers for the European edition proved to be somewhat discouraging. European Poker Tour (EPT) was an exception to this, as the competition managed to be a reasonable success.

In addition, one other tournament also showed signs of improvement on the European continent. The recently formed UK and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) recorded a great turnout and was touted as one of the most popular events in the region.

Problems in US

In comparison to some European countries, the US state of New Jersey is looking more likely to be on the road to recovery. Although the state has been experiencing mush lower than expected results from its online gambling endeavors, New Jersey is steadily learning and might see a gradual growth in the industry in the near future.

The government is still undecided on how to proceed about the business of internet poker. Some states have shown willingness to offer online poker service, however their current performance with offering online gambling has not been great. This, coupled with other concerns caused the government to reevaluate their stance on the poker industry.

Nevertheless, hope exists as some prominent officials believe the online poker sites in the US can be a viable and successful industry that will reap many rewards.

Despite the media raving about the great success and popularity of World Series of Poker (WSOP), there are a number of signs that call out for concern. Initially, many individuals involved with the competition boasted about the great reception that was present at the WSOP, however people directly linked with handing out cards disagreed.

Card dealers expressed their disappointment with not being able to hold down a dealer’s job at the tournament, as the overall turnout was considerably quiet and had a lack of action at the tables. Millionaire Maker and Monster Stack events managed to record most of the activity of the competition.

Massive poker market

The sheer number of card players in the US has shown that there is a substantial demand for the provisions of online poker. The regulations that are in place are not considered to be highly effective, which propelled many government officials to establish a standard by which online poker should be carried out.

Should the US finally acknowledge the vast opportunities behind having a regulated poker market, it would most probably signal the end for the downturn in internet poker activity. Moreover, it would not only stop the ongoing slump, but could help generate even more interest in the highly lucrative industry.

Mobile casino gambling companies would start to look at the US market as untapped gold-mine, considering the popularity of the game in the country. Unlike other gambling pursuits, poker is viewed as a game of skill and not chance, which has a more accepted image for the overall industry.

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