Can Spain Join the ranks of Back-to-Back World Cup Winners?

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Spanish national football team set to face heavy scrutiny in Brazil, as they try to defend their title as world champions.

World Cup history has borne witness to many great sides fighting for global football domination. Italy was the first nation that managed to win back-to-back titles in 1934 and 1938. However, one could argue that referees might have been slightly biased towards the hosts in 1934, as Italy staged the competition that year. Brazil was the second team which managed to replicate that same success in 1958 and 1962.

Since Brazil, there hasn’t been a nation capable of winning two titles in a row. Football has transformed itself to another sphere, as teams and players have become more intelligent through the years. What Pele did with the ball in the 1960s would not be possible today, as opposing defenders would cut him down without much deliberation.

Experienced coach

Vicente Del Bosque is rightfully considered the ideal man for the job. He just have to continue to build on his already vast success. Before he was appointed Spain’s highest managerial honor, he had stints in several top clubs in Iberia and abroad.

Initially he managed Real Madrid as a caretaker for a short while before he was appointed full-time manager of the club in 1999. During his time at his local club, he won both the domestic league and Champions League twice apiece.

Considering that Real Madrid started the “Galactico” project around that time, he managed stars like Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos to name a few. So he does not seem to have a problem giving instructions to superstars in the Spanish squad.

He already won the Cup in 2010 and the EURO in 2012, so he is vying to become the first manager in football history to win three consecutive major titles. Online sportsbooks in Spain will be looking to capitalize on the upcoming World Cup, as they will be offering various services pertaining to Spain’s success in Brazil.

Additionally, it might have been written in the stars for Spain, as Del Bosque was born in 1950, the year Brazil staged the competition for the first time, therefore it seems like a lucky omen for Spain.

Fantastic all-round squad

At goal they have the world-famous Iker Casillas, who has proven to be a shot stopper on countless occasions. Although his performances have been slightly diminished lately, he still manages to validate his great name.

While the bench has two more highly skilled players that could easily replace Casillas if need be. Pepe Reine, of Napoli, is second choice keeper, while Manchester United’s David de Gea is the third choice.

In defense they possess some of the most dedicated players in the game. When Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos are paired together in a team, they just seem like an impenetrable wall. Between them they combine a height of 1.88 centimeters on average. With Ramos’ ferocity and Pique’s height, attackers will find it hard getting past them.

The midfield area is the undisputed key to their success. Barcelona’s tandem Xavi and Iniesta create the perfect balance within the squad. Iniesta’s attacking flair makes the opposing team shiver, as he effectively draws the opposing defenders onto himself and them completes a direct pass.

Xavi’s adds an additional threat, considering his slightly less attacking position than Iniesta. Nevertheless, Xavi remains the tactician on the field, with his incisive passing and control of the game.

In attack, the newly acquired Brazilian Diego Costa will sure to be upsetting opposing sides, as they try to stop him. His immense stature and eye for goal will definitely increase Spain’s chances of success.

Brazilian on the other hand, will not be placing wagers on mobile betting sites with him in mind, as many view him as a traitor for opting to represent Spain, rather than Brazil.

Influence of the three big clubs

The fact that many of the players that are selected for the national side also play for the two biggest clubs in Spain, helps their cause quite a bit.

• Vicente Del Bosque – great tactical and experienced manager

• Squad – plethora of players to choose from

• Spain leading clubs supply the national side – Real, Barca, Atleti

Many of the players know each other personally, due to their considerable time at the same club. 

More importantly, between them they know what the other player is like. They know one another’s characteristics and playing style. This creates a bond that has the potential to win titles. Synergy beyond measure is what they are globally known for.

In the provisional list of players, there are 30 names, of which 23 will be eventually selected for Brazil. There are currently seven players from Barcelona, while Real’s representatives count up to four players in the national side.

Pique, Alba, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas and Pedro are all in the national side that ply their trade for Barcelona. Casillas, Ramos, Carvajal and Alonso are the footballers coming from Real Madrid.

In the past year or so, there have been some players that emerged from Atletico Madrid, as they have managed to assemble a great group of skilled players. Diego Costa, Koke, Juafran, David Villa all hail from Madrid’s second most beloved club.

The system that Spanish football employs, whereby collective efforts are emphasized, is guaranteed to push them far in the competition, and quite possible make them once again World Cup winners.

Since Brazil and Italy have achieved the consecutive success, no other nation managed to do it again. Teams are constantly changing and evolving. Managers change on a regular basis, as all of the top national sides want to their nations to achieve the ultimate glory.

Players, on the other hand often suffer many injuries, preventing them from participating in major tournaments. Leagues and other competitions are far more competitive nowadays than they were in the 1930s and 1960s, therefore players often experience a great deal of fatigue by the time the World Cup starts.
However, the fact that Spain not only have a great squad at their disposal, but also many other significant factors are on a high level in their team, will definitely play in their favor at the tournament.

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