Casino Frenzy hits South Korea, as Booming Industry Escalates in the Country

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Numerous casino developments are underway in the far East Asian country, as gambling business looks to be the future playing paradise.

Officials from Incheon, Busan, North Jeolla, South Jeolla and the Jeji province are all voicing their determination that the casinos under development and are set to be completed shortly. They want to start operations as soon as possible, in order to be the first to dip into the market.
Not only are some of the casinos destined to compete with mobile betting operators from the surrounding countries, but they also have the potential to usurp nearby “Gambling Meccas.”

Singapore and Macau are set to experience fierce competition for customers, as the new casinos in South Korea are looking to be more accessible to players that are close by.
A South Jeolla official believes that some Chinese players will like to come to Korea to play, as it is rather near Eastern China and right across the Yellow Sea.
Jeju province already boasts eight casinos, however they feel confident that four more are necessary to meet the market demand.
Furthermore, Busan’s tourist department intends to convert a site in Dongbusan into a development are for an integrated resort and casino.

Foreigners only casino in Incheon

Ministers and important officials that regulate South Korean gambling laws
, have recently given the go-ahead for a casino project in Incheon that is designed for foreigners only.
The initial phase of the construction is set at $800 million and will be built by LOCZ Korea, with joint venture CZR

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