Million-Euro Prizes at Stake at the 2014 European Poker Tour

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Europe’s best poker players will meet again in a high-stakes showdown called the Million Euro Cash Game.

PokerStars, the online and mobile casino operator organizing the famous European Poker Tour (EPT) is preparing to host another high-stakes competition during the final event of the tournament. The Million Euro Cash Game proved to be a huge success last year, due to the big pot and live streaming of the event.

Same as in 2013, the minimum buy-in will be set at EUR 25,000. The blinds will start at EUR 500/1,000, but the amount could be increased if organizers get consent from players. The big event will be set up in the same way as last season and famous players are expected to join the competition.

Poker pros Isaac Haxton, Paul Newey, Alec Torelli and Daniel Alaei have already confirmed their participation.

Monte Carlo, the capital of poker

The best gamblers who qualified through satellite tournaments hosted at online poker sites in the UK and across Europe will meet in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. The big competition will take place between April 23 and May 2.

Fans of the game will be able to watch the Million Euro Cash Game live via Internet, on April 24 from 10pm until 2am. The special event features no buy-in restrictions.

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