Vegas Casino Winners in 2019 Share Stories About Their Luck

  • 2019 Las Vegas casino winners speak on their luck
  • You can also hit the jackpot from home at online gambling sites
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Who were the luckiest casino winners in 2019?
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Last year was fortunate enough for these people as they hit the jackpot in Las Vegas. Half a year later, these lucky casino winners in 2019 share their emotions about living a rich life and reveal their formula for success.

2019 was full of memorable victories in both online and on-land casinos in the US. According to online casino news in the US, each gambling place has the highest number of winners in the middle of the year, especially in August. So, here is a small tip – if you decide to try your luck in a casino, book your trip in summer!

But now we are back to our lucky men. Three most popular casino winners in 2019 decided to share their personal experience about hitting the jackpot in Vegas. Laylani, Anthony and another anonymous winner explained which games brought them money and how much did they earn.

Anthony from Wisconsin on hitting the jackpot in poker

The man named Anthony Klosowski had a very special end of summer last year. This South Milwaukee poker fan won money shortly before the Labour Day in the US. The man decided to spend his holidays in Las Vegas and made the right decision. He was lucky enough to hit the massive jackpot on August 29. 

Anthony won more than $1.3 million and became the fresh millionaire with the help of a royal flush. It was the first big win for Klosowski, which he was going to spend on his family and wife, who helped him to win that day. The man said it was Flamingo Las Vegas to host him on that special day. You can learn about other top-rated casinos in Nevada here.

A local woman is among casino winners in 2019

casino winners in 2019, casinos in the us, las vegas casinos, online casino
You can also win money in Las Vegas casinos [Matthäus Wander [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons]
Laylani from Henderson in Nevada became the lucky jackpot winner on the last day of summer. The woman hit a jackpot of more than $150.000 after trying slots at Green Valley Ranch Spa & Casino. She says it was Dancing Drums slot machine to make her the second GVR-winner just within two days. Previously, another guest won around $175.000 at the same casino in Vegas.

Following Laylani’s words, her jackpot has been growing for a long time until the woman won the bonus game. Having seen the amazing number of $150.103, she decided to take the money and stopped the game. We believe that it was a smart decision.

An anonymous winner from Hawaii got a flash in Vegas

The anonymous tourist from Hawaii island hit one of the biggest jackpots of that week. On August 29, the man went to California Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to play table games. Having tried several options, he turned to Pai Gow poker and was absolutely right. As one of the luckiest casino winners in 2019, he earned $330.000 after getting a royal flush of hearts.

Hitting a jackpot is possible not only in Vegas but also at reliable gambling sites. Online casinos in the US offer a wide range of playing options, which can not only satisfy gamblers but also put them on the list of top casino winners this year.

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