Casinos and Bookies Request PC Tablets in New Irish gambling laws

Online casinos and bookmakers in Ireland have requested that the new Irish gambling laws allow the use of PC tablets and pads in retail stores.

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The reports that the Irish government is contemplating an overhaul of Irish gambling laws has energized the Irish online casinos and bookmakers to request additional changes that reflect the realities of the 21st century.

Traditional bookmakers in Ireland have requested the Department of Justice to allow them the use of tablet devices such as the iPad to permit retail customers to make wagers at their proprietary online sportsbooks in Ireland from within the retail store.

According to online gambling news in Ireland, Irish sports books want the new laws to allow retail outlets to offer tablets to gamers who would be able to quickly place in-game bets on sporting events without a need to run to a window by use of a tablet pc.

According to casino insiders, the idea of a form of in-store betting terminals has been received ‘sympathetically’ by the Irish government and perhaps there is a snow ball’s chance in hell that the ultra-conservative Irish government may permit such a ‘radical move’.

This proposal is far from new, but all previous attempts have met with failure since it would have required a change of the Irish gambling laws which at the time the legislative body did not wish to change, and the previous requirests have been met with hostile opposition.

Now that there are plans in the works, the government is much more invclined to listen to ideas which would increase tax revenues. Due to a recent flood of illegal immigrants, Ireland is in a desperate need for new revenue sources for housing, medical, health care and food for the displaced North African Muslims.

The recent riot where a gang of Africans went through a center of an Irish city indiscriminately beating all native Irish is only a taste of the future unless Ireland begins fully supporting their violent new visitors.

Irish bookies are also keen on changing the closing hours, currently set at 6:30pm from September 1 and March 30 unless the Horse Racing Ireland are having a run. There seems to be a general view that other forms of sports gambling need to be considered before setting closing hours.

“This is important at a time when there are big employment challenges,” stated a government official referring to the masses of unemployed natives being inundated by unwanted guests.

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