CDL Chicago Odds Picture the Victory of Atlanta FaZe

  • The Call of Duty League Finals Will Take Place on the 26th of April
  • You can Bet Until the 24th
  • Take a closer look at the odds together!
CLD Chicago Odds
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The Call of Duty Leauge’s Chicago Huntsmen Home Series Finals will take place this weekend. The CDL Chicago Odds highly favor Atlanta Faze. However, the playoffs are still on. Thus, the Dallas Empire and the Chicago Huntsmen can also be potential shoo-ins. The bet is open until the 24th of April so place your wager before the odds are closed. The 5v5 matches are fought only on PS4.

The Call of Duty Leauge is the biggest CoD eSports movement in the US and Europe. Twelve professional teams compete to achieve the final victory. There are not too many wagers on Call of Duty these days. However, online sportsbooks in the US have created their wagers on the CDL Chicago. The Finals will take place on the 26th of April. The event is hosted by the Chicago Huntsmen. By the way, that’s mostly a formality since the championship is held online.

Based on the 2020 CDL Chicago Odds, the FaZe Clan will rule Call of Duty as well

FaZe Clan is probably the most popular eSports crew on the PS4 market. The team is based in the US with plenty of international associations. Their FPS teams are feared in every game, however, their biggest achievements are earned in Fortnite and CoD. Atlanta FaZe is one of the leading teams of the FaZe Clan. Their odds value indicates that their heyday isn’t ended just yet. They stand at 2.375 at the 22BET Sportsbook.

CLD Chicago Odds
Which team will control the virtual “Warzone” – Image source: Flickr

Dallas Empire and the host, Chicago Huntsmen can also win the 2020 CDL Chicago

Even if the CDL Chicago odds clearly favor a FaZe victory, Dallas Empire and Chicago Huntsmen can twist the outcome of the tournament. The playoffs are still on, however, these teams won’t face too dangerous opponents. Thus, we can declare that these three teams will stand on the podium. Empire’s odds to win the CDL Chicago is 3.6 while Huntsmen stand on 4.8 at the online gambling sites in the US.

In summary, the 2020 CDLCDL Chicago odds indicate that FaZe clan will rule the tournament. Still, a bet on the host team, Chicago Huntsmen can be rewarding since despite their high multipliers they will do everything to „protect their homeland”.

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