Celebrities Who Won the Lottery After Getting Famous

  • There are many film & music stars who like playing lottery
  • Some of them managed to hit the big jackpot! Who are they?
  • Most of celebrities’ winnings were spent on charity and donations
celebrities who won the lottery

If you believe that famous people don’t play lotto as they are rich enough, think twice. Surely, celebrities who won the lottery didn’t do it for money, but what were the reasons to try their luck? Where did they spend the winning jackpot? We have found answers to these questions.

A chance to hit the jackpot in the lottery attracts not only regular folks, but even world-famous celebrities. There were at least 5 known cases when Hollywood stars played the lottery. Some of them even won after purchasing the right ticket in the right place. What a lucky coincidence for those who are already rich enough!

On the other hand, there were many cases when lotto winners became popular after hitting the jackpot. So, let’s see the most notable examples of old and fresh celebrities who won the lottery. You can also become one of the 2020 lotto winners if you try playing from home.

Popular celebrities who won the lottery or played and failed

Probably the most famous lottery winner among Hollywood stars is Madonna. The pop queen publicly announced her victory in a lottery game with a €120,000 jackpot. The singer won a second-tier prize in 2012 and donated this money to one of the schools in Malawi. Madonna is famous for her charity in this South African country as she has even launched a non-profit organization to help its citizens to cope with poverty.

celebrities who won the lottery
Some try, but don’t win.

Paris Hilton is also a regular lotto player. The celebrity once told the media that she hopes to hit the jackpot and spend the winning sum on charity. By the way, Hilton is Aquarius by horoscope and it is on the list of the luckiest Zodiac signs in the lottery. So, there is a high chance that fortune will come to her side.

Hugh Jackman is another celebrity who enjoys playing the lottery. The Australian actor is known for his roles in X-Men, Les Miserables, The Greatest Showman… and for spending huge sums on lotto tickets. The most memorable case took place in 2011, when Jackman bought tickets for all crew of the Real Steel movie. The film star himself didn’t win, but there were rumors that someone from the crew did. All in all, it was a generous gesture from Hugh!

People who became famous after winning the lottery

A reverse situation happens much more often. There were many fresh celebrities who won the lottery and then became popular. Jane Park is one of the brightest examples. She won more than €1 million in 2013 and became the youngest person in the UK to do so. Now Park is a 23-years-old it-girl with 233.000 followers on Instagram and her own startup. She was at the top of her popularity in 2017, when she was dating Sam Callaghan, a former X Factor winner. The couple split in a few months though, but it hardly affected the young rich woman. If you also want to be a millionaire in your 20s, check Lotto Agent for the best lottery tickets.

celebrities who won the lottery
Celebrities win the lottery sometimes too.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford woke up famous after winning the biggest EuroMillions payout ever. The couple earned €190 million and hit the headlines of all European news sources. However, the Bayfords couldn’t cope with their fame and wealth. They divorced just one year after hitting the jackpot, but they remained good friends. By the way, EuroMillions lottery is available at online lotto sites in Austria, so you can try to break the record too.

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