Celebrity Betting: Why You Should Bet on Kim and Kayne’s Divorce in 2020


Posted: September 30, 2019

Updated: September 30, 2019

  • KimYe have high odds of separating in 2020
  • Kayne's fluctuating behavior can lead them to divorce

Kim and Kayne are celebrity royalty. However, we’ve seen the rise and fall of enough celebrity power couples to know that there is always some trouble in paradise. Kim K has two unsuccessful marriages under her belt and well Kayne is Kayne. He is impulsive and attention-seeking. And although his impulsiveness makes him a good artist, not the same can be said about making him a good husband. Kim and Kayne have odds of 1.20 to call the quits by the end of 2020, take the best odds from 22bet.com.  

Kayne’s moods and temperaments are hard to deal with

Kim is currently tending to her 4 children, but there is another man-child in her house as well. Kayne with his so often tantrums seems to add a lot to his wife’s plate. Whether it’s with his twitter rants of supporting a lunatic in the white house or by giving her a hard time over a bandaid! The 41-year old rapper needs constant care and attention, much like a child.  And it seems about time that Kim gets fed up with it. 

Bet on Kim and Kayne’s Divorce in 2020
Kim Kardashian (Ashley Graham [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

The couple are heading towards different directions 

Kim is currently in law school, re-defining her career path and focusing on criminal justice reforms. Kayne seems to have other aspirations, according to sportsbook news in the US, there were even talks of him wanting to move to Wyoming completely.

 KimYe can get divorced for more publicity

Kardashians feed off publicity. There is literally not a single news about them that doesn’t turn into a publicity stunt. At this point, it seems like no press is considered to be bad press for them. It may sound ridiculous to think Kim and Kayne would go to the brink of divorce to gain more publicity but it’s not that far fetched. Think of their feud with Taylor swift, the Paris robbery, the whole drama with Jordyn woods and numerous other instances. And not to forget Kayne starting feuds with other rappers right before a new line of Yeezys drop. After all, it doesn’t take a whole lot for couples to get divorced in Hollywood.

Bet on Kim and Kayne’s divorce in 2020

 keep in mind that we’re the generation that witnessed the end of Brangenila and saw Jay-Z cheat on Beyonce. In comparison to that, the Wests don’t stand a chance.  Finally, Don’t forget to read Gamingzion’s review about  22Bet sportsbook. Happy Betting! 

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