Champions League Betting – Tuesday (Dec 9)


Posted: December 8, 2014

Updated: December 8, 2014

Tuesday’s Champions League matches are set to light up the great competition with plenty of

amazing football action.

The last group games of the Champions League have sadly arrived. They will mark the final

matches for the year as Europe’s elite competition will next resume its schedule in February of

2015, where clubs will have to take on one another in the knockout phase. Nevertheless, football

fans will still relish all the action that is to be played between some of the most impressive sides,

according to UK gambling news.

For some teams the sixth game will only serve as a formality as they have already guaranteed

their progress to the next stage of the tournament. For other clubs however this will be their one

last chance to prove themselves in the great competition and show everyone what they are made


Groups D and C

In Group D, both Dortmund and Arsenal have already qualified for the next round as they have

12 and 10 points respectively, while third placed Anderlecht has only attained 5 points. Arsenal

travels to Istanbul where they will face last placed Galatasaray, however considering that the

Gunners don’t need any more points they are likely to field some of their fringe players to give

them some time on the field.

Unibet sportbook has given Arsenal odds of 2.25 (5/4), while the Turkish club are still deemed

outsiders 3.10 (21/10). Dortmund will play against Anderlecht at home but once again this

encounter doesn’t make much of a difference to the hosts. The Germans have been assigned odds

of 1.33 (33/100), whereas the visiting side have nothing serious to play for 8.50 (15/2) expect

maybe getting a moral victory at best.

• Group C will likely showcase a great deal of drama

• Juventus and Atletico go head to head in a highly anticipated match

• Liverpool are favorites against Basel

Although the clubs in Group D have already sealed their fate, the same cannot be said about some

other teams in Group C. Bayer Leverkusen are currently the leaders with 9 points, however AS

Monaco and Zenit St. Petersburg are both breathing down the Germans’ neck as they maintain 8

and 7 points respectively. This group could see its fair share of drama considering how close the

first three teams are to each other.

Benfica, who are last in the standings with 4 points, will host Bayer Leverkusen in a match

that could spell disaster for the visiting team should they lose. Currently, online sportsbooks in Germany favor Leverkusen 2.37 (34/25), however things may change at any time. If Zenit

manages to pull of a win 2.90 (19/10) when they face Monaco away and the Germans lose, then

the Russian side would propel to the top of the group and qualify for the next round.

Groups A and B

A great showpiece is set to take place between two brilliant European sides in Group A, an

encounter that many fans will find enjoyable to watch. Last year’s Champions League runner ups

will go head to head against the Italian side that has so far clinched three consecutive Serie A

titles. Atletico Madrid has secured its place in the knockout phase with 12 points, so when they

face the Juventus it will merely be a formality.

The club from Turin has recorded 9 points so far, while other sides from the group like

Olympiacos and Malmo have only secured 6 and 3 points respectively. Taking into consideration

all the elements involved, placing a wager on a draw 3.00 (2/1) between Atletico and Juventus

seems like the safest bet to make. Unibet favors the Italians and has assigned odds of 2.10 (11/

10), while the visitors have been given lower chances 3.85 (14/5).

Real Madrid seem to be on cruise control this season both domestically and in the Champions

League. Some football critics would point to the fact that they have been dealt weaker sides

which consist of inexperienced opponents in Group A. However, together with Chelsea they have

let in the least amount of goals (2), a feature that is not easy to accomplish in one of the most

competitive football events.

As per Spanish gambling laws, Unibet delivers an extensive range of betting options and for

Real Madrid’ next game against Ludogorets they have earmarked the Blancos to seal another

win (1/12) despite already making sure they a place in the knockout stage of the competition

next year. The Bulgarian side has very limited chances (19/1) considering their lack of a talented

enough squad to cope with the superstars found within the Spanish side.

Another interesting aspect is that Liverpool, who are in third with 4 points, will be hoping

that Real Madrid beat the Ludogorets so that they have more chances of advancing. But more

importantly, the Reds will have to notch a win against Basel (6 points) in order to qualify for the

knockout stages. Unibet has given Brendan Rodgers’ men favorite odds of 1.70 (7/10) while the

visitors have been given 4.60 (18/5) odds.

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