Cheapest Gambling Cities – Top 7 Destinations 2023


Posted: April 28, 2023

Updated: April 28, 2023

  • The cheapest holiday destinations for Summer 2023
  • Budget luxury cities
  • Cheapest gambling cities

These are the top 7 cheapest gambling cities for the summer. Keep in mind that this list is compiled based on strictly 2023 data. This means that this is a relevant list of new information. We have considered the inflation and the recent changes in airplane tickets.

If you are on a budget but feel like you want to have a holiday. Then these destinations are going to give you the best experience. Amazing food, spiritual discoveries, great gambling opportunities, and of course affordable luxury lifestyle.

Summer is at the doorstep, and you should get your tickets sorted out while the season has not begun yet. Because as fast people are over their university exams and spring sales, they will immediately retreat from the warm. Furthermore, some might seek to move to a warmer atmosphere. If you are an avid gambler who would like to check out a gambling destination. Then this list is going to help you out. With how chaotic the banks became lately, we can no longer blow all of our savings away just for a wild night in Vegas.

However, there are perfect alternatives. You don’t even have to visit any casinos. Because you can register at online casino sites in the US. And play wherever you want, from whenever you want. As long as you have a mobile device and an internet connection.

7. Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Cheapest Gambling Cities

First And foremost, I would like to recommend the cheapest tourist destinations. However, the cheapest is not the best way to describe it. Because even if it is cheap, it is beautiful.

Cambodia is something else. Gigantic monasteries and temples were visited by Monks of an entirely different culture. Furthermore, it has a huge spiritual and historical value. On top of all of this, it is cheap and you don’t have to worry about your purse here. One of the biggest casinos here is NAGAWORLD.

According to Nagaworld, it’s open 24/7 offering a luxurious hotel and casino experience. Cambodia is one of the few capitals of Buddhism. 97% of the country participates in Theravada Buddhism. Therefore, you can see a simple city, except it has Theravada elements. Spending your holiday in this country will be a spiritual experience. Register at Zodiac Casino to play from Cambodia.

6. Manila, Philippines

The sixth place among the cheapest gambling cities is Manila, the city of dreams. A city of wonderful dreams for gamblers. Because the Philippines generally forbids Las Vegas-esque gambling. However, there are many unique gambling experiences and casinos for you to participate in. Make sure to try the street games and have fun as a tourist. However, make sure to not carry around a deck of poker cards in your bag.

Because doing that is illegal. Prices at the casino games start between $1-5. If you are interested in an entirely new culture, then the Philippines is a must. Gambling is a core part of the politics of the Philippines.

5. Sofia, Bulgaria – The Best For Europe

According to TravelSupermarket, you can live like royalty on a shoestring budget while visiting Bulgaria. This is an interesting phenomenon and perhaps it’s the politics and the economy to blame.

Therefore, one of the best and cheapest gambling cities in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is only for those who seek to become rich tourists. Therefore, I can’t recommend a trip to Bulgaria over any of its neighboring countries. However, the cheap gambling experience makes up for everything.

Live like a king, and even pay for mere pocket money for a serious chance at winning the Jackpot. And if you win something on gambling? You can continue living like a king. This is one of the best offers you will ever receive. I highly recommend gamblers to visit the beautiful city of Sofia. If you love Sarmi, Moussaka, Lukanka, Kufte, Kebapche, or Meshana Skara then you already know where to book a fight.

4. Reno, Nevada – Cheapest Gambling Cities

What can I tell you about Reno? If you are an avid gambler on a budget. Then you don’t have to visit Las Vegas. You already have Las Vegas at home. This joke describes Reno pretty well. It is a Walmart in Las Vegas. Except, in Reno people will value you more. Not due to your money, but due to the more homely environment. Therefore, Las Vegas is fast and people will not remember your face.

It’s known as the “biggest little city in the world” and is a popular destination for gambling enthusiasts. Some of the most popular casinos are the Eldorado Resort Casino and the Silver Legacy. Furthermore, you can have the Reno version of Circus Circus which is already better than the terrible Las Vegas version. Near the bingo halls in America, you will find discounts and deals on hotels too. It’s a mini Vegas!

3. Biloxi, Mississippi – For Tourists

Biloxi is a coastal town in the heart of Mississippi. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and casinos. However, I recommend Biloxi for another reason. Because this list features several otherworldly areas. However, if you are a tourist coming from a rural or Balkan area. Then maybe Biloxi is the best chance for you to get used to the city speed. Not as chaotic as Las Vegas or Jackson.

But at the same time, you will walk the streets in the soothing bay cold of foggy neon lights at the Hardrock Café. Enjoy the cheapest gambling cities in the most beautiful coats. For me, this is in the top three best holiday destinations for gamblers. Because once more, it’s nothing special. It is a city to fall in love with. To have romantic walks with your partner, drink coffee, gamble and feel like you are in GTA.

2. Black Hawk, Colorado – Enjoy The Mountains

Now this is one of the cheapest gambling cities and it’s worth it. Colorado is beautiful and a little expensive. But not when you are living in the mountains. Because the Black Hawk is one of the cheapest casino experiences in America.

No wonder why, because moving here might as well change your life. This mountain city is a small but tight-knit community. If you make a friend here, then you will want to move here for sure.

According to AirDNA, the AIRBNB costs start from around $123 a day. Which is super good compared to other price costs. Furthermore, there are different programs you can do. For example, you can take a walk in the mountains, play in the local casino, and have a hot tub with your friends Black Hawk is a personal favorite for me and I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to escape the busy city life.

1. Deadwood, South Dakota – Cheapest Gambling Cities

Now that we are talking about first place on the list. I already mentioned in our United States betting legislation mega thread that South Dakota legalized gambling in Deadwood. Furthermore, it has received a new resort to celebrate the place. This means that it’s going to be an awesome experience for you and everyone who loves original casino games.

If you have watched Deadwood, then you will understand why this is my top recommendation. You will feel like a modern cowboy enjoying a good gambling game on the most beautiful lane in the whole world. If you can not wait, then prepare yourself by registering at Zodiac Casino.

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