Best Holiday Destinations For Gamblers In 2022 – Worldwide


Posted: June 22, 2022

Updated: June 22, 2022

  • Places a gambler must visit during the summer
  • Hidden gambling gems around the world
  • Best holiday destinations for gamblers in 2022

Summer is already here, and you might be one of the many people who haven’t picked a holiday destination yet. If you are a gambler who enjoys casinos and sports betting, then it is important to try out your hobby in a different culture. Therefore, we collected the best holiday destinations for gamblers in 2022. We are going to show you the hidden gems around the world, instead of giving you the usual big names of Las Vegas and Macau.

However, if you wish to spend your huge savings, then those two are still the most recommended places to visit. Furthermore, if you wish to visit an island or a culture where land-based gambling is illegal, then we have good news. Because you can still choose to play at online operators like the online gambling sites in Japan. Just use our country selector and you will find every available service.

Best Holiday Destinations for Gamblers In 2022

As we already mentioned, everyone knows that the best holiday destinations for gamblers in 2022 are the gambling capitals of Las Vegas and Macau. However, if you are looking for that type of luxury gambling experience. Then we recommend the Caesar’s Palace of Las Vegas and the Wynn Palace of Macau. Because according to Trips To Discover both of these places are a piece of culture alone.

Therefore, these two palaces are offering a whole year’s worth of culture, gambling, relaxation, entertainment, and dining over just a week. However, in this article, we are looking to show you some other alternatives. Therefore, the following destinations are not as advertised and well-known as these two cities. However, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative, then visit the neighboring cities of Vegas and Macau, because they have hidden gems with less traffic and more privacy.

Atlantic City Casino, Peru

If you are looking forward to visiting places such as the Machu Picchu which is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations. Then we have good news for you. Because you don’t have to skip out on a cultural gambling experience just so you can climb mountains and see a piece of world history. Because one of the best holiday destinations for gamblers in 2022 is the Atlantic City Casino in Peru.

Therefore, this establishment seeks to give you the Atlantic City experience without having to visit Atlantic City. You can easily visit this casino on your way back from Machu Picchu as a form of relaxation. However, we advise you to always visit casinos on the way back. Because the Machu Picchu might come with additional health expenses you haven’t calculated into your budget. And if you are adventurous, check out our list of interesting abandoned casinos.

Morocco Africa – Best Holiday Destinations For Gamblers In 2022

If you are debating between Las Vegas and Africa, then you shouldn’t worry too much. Because Morocco is offering you an exclusive holiday experience. Therefore, Morocco has gambling gems you wouldn’t expect to find in Africa.

Because they are the same luxurious buildings you would find on the Las Vegas Strip. With beautiful fountains and great casino halls, a gambler couldn’t dream of a better place than this. You will find out that Africa has one of the best gambling holidays in 2022. 

Casino Di Venice – Italy

If you are not only a fan of gambling but also of history. Then the Casino Di Venice in Italy is the first place you should think about visiting. Because it hosts the first casino in history, with a modern renovation. You can enjoy the dining experience dedicated to the great musical composer Wagner.

Best Holiday Destinations For Gamblers In 2022
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Furthermore, Italy alone is one of the dream destinations of every person. Therefore, the Casino Di Venice is one of the places you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Furthermore, it is one of the best holiday destinations for gamblers in 2022. Because despite the nearly ancient cultural value, it still feels fresh and modern.

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Greece

If you are looking forward to the typical and ideal holiday resorts you see in movies. Then travel to Greece. Because one of the most beautiful hotels is on the coast of this highly cultural island. Furthermore, they have luxurious casinos paired with the most exotic dining experience one can dream of.

Thanks to the weather, Greece is the ideal place to visit during Summer, because it isn’t extremely hot, nor is it underwhelming for you to skip your sun bath. Therefore, the most luxurious hotel to stay in in Greece is the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki. This is why the Club Hotel Casino is one of the best holiday destinations for gamblers.

Las Vegas Casino In Hungary

Are you interested in visiting Europe this summer? Then you shouldn’t hesitate. Because this continent offers you several countries that are the best holiday destinations for gamblers in 2022. According to We-Heart, Amsterdam is one of the best experiences for foreigners who seek to gamble. However, we all know that traveling between the States of America takes as much time as traveling between European countries. Therefore, if you are planning to make a European trip, then do not exclude visiting the Las Vegas Casino in Hungary. You can find it within the heart of Corvin Square, and it was made to represent American values in a smaller portion. Therefore, it is a hidden European gem within Europe, and you can easily try it out within one night’s stay as you travel to another country.

The Dream Coast Of India – Best Holiday Destinations For Gamblers In 2022

If you are planning to visit India, then you should consider spending your holiday on the beautiful coast of Goa. Because according to NBC News, gambling is only the cherry on the top when it comes to the cultural values you can find on this coast.

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It is a perfect contrast in holidays compared to the American razzmatazz that is the never-sleeping city of Vegas and Atlantic City. Therefore, on the coasts of Goa, you can find yourself the tropical paradise which is only industrially replicated within the exotic casinos on The Strip.

Gamble Online Anytime Almost Anywhere

Reaching the end of our collection, it is time to talk about places where gambling is illegal. Therefore, if you are looking to visit places such as Japan or the Hawaiian Islands. Then you shouldn’t worry about skipping out on your gambling experience. Because in our gambling dictionary you can easily find legal and viable gambling sites for both casinos and sports betting. Our top recommendation is 22Bet Casino. Because they are one of the foreign operators that seek to establish themselves in the virtual space where land-based gambling is illegal. Therefore, online gambling is one of the best options if you wish to enjoy your holiday almost anywhere on the planet. And if you are new to it, then check out our quick guide called online betting for starters. Therefore, the internet makes any place to be the best holiday destination for gamblers in 2022. 

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