Chelsea Puts Down GBP 11m for the Use of Wembley


Posted: July 8, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

The current Premier League champions are hoping to redevelop their home stadium in order to accommodate more fans.

The Blues have made an offer of GBP 11m to the board of directors at Wembley to use the arena, as Stamford Bridge is about to undergo reconstruction. Earlier last month, Chelsea released new blueprints of how the future home of Chelsea would look like. According to mobile casino gambling sites, the new stadium would cost the London club GBP 500m to realise.

The Premier League champions already inquired about the possibility of using Twickenham, the home stadium to the England Rugby team. However, various complications forced the West London club to withdraw from using the Twickenham stadium. Furthermore, Stamford Bridge held a 3-day hearing session last week to show the fans the plans for the new home ground.

Stadium option for Tottenham Hotspur

Fellow London club Tottenham Hotspur face a challenge of finding another home stadium as Chelsea’s GBP 11m bid has already surpassed their recent GBP 8m bid to use Wembley. The north London side is also expecting to revamp their home stadium, White Hart Lane to accommodate more fans. Gaming news reports the new Spurs stadium is expected to hold close to 61,000 fans.

Even if both teams are given permission to use Wembley, none of the London clubs would be able to use the stadium to its full capacity. Reports from gambling news suggest that Tottenham face the possibility of using West Ham United’s Upton Park as their home ground, while White Hart Lane undergoes reconstruction. Another possibility is sharing the home ground of MK Dons who are also based in London.

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