Chilean Casino VIP Poker Room Players Become Victims of Robbery

High roller poker player robbed at a Chilean casino VIP room.

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Chile has a long tradition of gambling and the Chilean gambling laws are quite liberal when it comes to most forms of gambling – online or offline, casino or sports betting.

The card games in this South American country are quite popular and Chilean poker rooms are filled with players.

While many of these increasingly visit Internet casinos, much of the poker gambling still occurs at land-based casinos, some of which attract high roller players to their posh VIP rooms to preserve confidentiality and provide additional security.

In a recent incident, a wealthy Spanish businessman visited one of the exclusive casinos in Chile to play at a poker tournament. This has ended in sorrow. However, it wasn’t due to losses suffered by one of the many poker mavericks that populate the Latin American landscape.

Indeed, the poker tournament has ended in a robbery of the wealthy players by a group of well-dresses, dark sunglasses-wearing thiefs. The scene as shown on video footage reminds of Oceans 11 except that the thugs, while acting intelligently, went for a massive gunpoint heist.

Cash, credit cards, smartphones, keys, documents, and other valuables have been packed quickly and the casino robbers hastily disappeared. It is not known what the security guards were doing, but one thing is clear: they have proven to be quite useless and it raises serious questions as the safety of VIP rooms where large sums are put at stake.

Fortunately, the Chilean police proved to be more competent than the casino security and soon after apprehended the criminals.

Latin American land-based casinos have seen their share of robberies a la Wild Wild West bank heists, with thugs quickly disappearing, and police pursuits often ending in shoot-outs.

Those players, especially high rollers, seeking to wager some major cash, may think twice and find one of the safe and reputable online casinos in Chile to wager their stakes at.

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