Calvin Ayre to Fight the United States Seizure of Bodog

Bodog owner to fight the United States assault on his gambling business.

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In America, the Land of the Free, while gambling at a Vegas, Atlantic City, or an Indian reservation casino is all good for the economy, as some claim, the interstate online casinos in United States are a big no-no.

Even the offshore casino sites offering gambling entertainment to the Americans are hunted and seized as the case of Bodog shows.

While online casino gambling in America is not allowed, doing the same for sports betting is even a bigger no-no, an act of felony, nearly as punishable as the act of terror. So, why then it’s okay to bet on horses at the race tracks?

We all know the answer: Las Vegas and the Meadowlands don’t want competition and will donate as much as it takes to have politicians on their side.

In a recent event, the online site which provides casino gambling and sports betting to international bettors, Bodog, has been seized by the federal authorities, while the owner, the Canadian billionaire Calvin Ayre, charged with running an online gambling business and laundering money.

Now, Mr. Ayre is seeking to fight the charges and the American gambling laws as they relate to his business. The US Attorney in Maryland, prosecuting the casino owner, will face a formidable opponent who just, as reported, assembled a top notch legal team, including a famous attorney, Barry I. Slotnick. Slotnick has been in the legal business for 50 years and is known for defending many well-known figures, including alleged Italian mafia godfather, John Gotti.

The federal agents are claiming to have gambled at Bodog site last January, however, as evidence indicates, the licensing agreement Bodog sold to other operator has expired earlier. This may be one of the lines of defense, yet, only unfolding events will show how it will end.

While entering the enormous American gambling market, whether with online casinos or mobile betting sites, seems like an attractive choice, the operators set themselves up for many potential problems and it will continue to happen so until the gambling regulations are clearly set.

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