Christmas Gambling Pick List – Best Gambling Games For 2024


Posted: December 19, 2023

Updated: December 19, 2023

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Today we have decided to create a Christmas gambling pick list. This is a checklist for you to use if you are interested in trying all or at least one type of gambling before the New Year begins. We have tried to focus on Christmas-themed gambling, but obviously, you can find anything on our recommended site at the end!

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Our yearly Christmas gambling pick list is here! This is a special article for closing the year! As we are nearing Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we are going to talk about the online gambling sites in the US and the greatest Christmas Picks for each category! Join us on this magical gambling journey, and discover the most wholesome offers of the year. Keep in mind that we are heavily recommending responsible gambling.

Thus, you should put in the minimum amount of cash if you intend on trying everything we name on the list. However, if only one catches your interest, then just make a comfortable budget! To be able to try the given gambling game, you can click on the highlighted name of the game in each section to use our link and be navigated to the given site.

Sportsbook Bet – Christmas Gambling Pick List

We are going to recommend a religious bet for you. You do not have to be religious to bet, but figuring out the details of the Next Pope is like playing roulette, with just a little intuition added to it.

First and foremost, we believe Marc Ouellet is going to be the next Pope. Thus, North America is going to be the continent. According to the Academic Accelerator, the Papal name is picked to pay respect, and we all know that Cardinal Marc Ouellet has gigantic respect for the current Pope (Francis I). Thus, we believe he will be Francis III.

Slot Of The Year

Let’s continue our Christmas gambling pick list by introducing you to the Book of Santa. This is an amazing little slot game, where you can play a typical book-type slot machine. This is a traditional new-world slot, using symbols and pay lines for the most part. The wild symbols consist of Santa’s head, and of course, there are symbols such as bells and stars.

If you are looking for something more specific, we have a collection of the best casino games for your Christmas holiday. These include things such as Jingle Balls, where you are playing with The Grinch, trying to make Christmas a little more funnier, and, thus, a little more controversial as well!

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Lottery Ticket – Christmas Gambling Pick List

There is no question what we picked for the Christmas lottery pick. We have the El Gordo, which is a Spanish Christmas Lottery. This is a draw for a large sum of cash, and it is more like a raffle than a lottery. You can learn more about this in our article on the Christmas lottery specials, where you can also browse a large collection of different lottery tickets you can pick for the festival mood.

Not all of them are Christmas specials. However, most of them are perfectly fitting for the general mindset of a festival event. You can also buy different variations of Lottery types, like Syndicates, or raffle tickets.

The Best Festive Bingo Room

This wouldn’t be about the Christmas gambling pick list if it didn’t have a section about bingo! We already explained where to play bingo during Christmas. However, there is one thing I can highly recommend for everyone. Instead of visiting a Bingo Hall, you can just join a bingo room with a chat function.

This is the Christmas Bingo Room at CyberBingo! Generally, the prices are extremely decent, and you can play for a reasonable price. And if you are not interested in Bingo? They are the first gambling site to feature the Pop Santa Crash game, where you can play Casino Crash (Aviator, Aviatrix, Pilot, etc.), but instead of using a plane, you can just play with Santa’s sleigh.

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Best Live Show – Christmas Gambling Pick List

According to Reddit, most community users are agreeing to the fact that live casino shows are more sought after than the usual games. This means that we decided to implement live casino shows as well! This is why we picked the Sweet Bonanza Candyland! In this show, you are going to be presented with a set of interesting characters, playing candy-related games.

However, for me, it is the atmosphere that won me over. Not only the great acting of the hosts, but also the general feel of watching someone in a world of candies. It feels like California Girls from Katy Perry, in essence!

Greatest Poker Experience

We did not leave you out, poker fans! The Christmas gambling pick list continues with the best poker site of the year! While we can not promise that you will see gingerbread tables, where you sip hot cocoa and use candies as a chip. You can still find Christmas tournaments, in case someone wants to spend the festivals playing these sorts of games.

According to the Team Days, there are even quirky poker events around, where you can build a poker team. However, our top recommendation for a site to use is Juicy Stakes. Their website is going to offer you all sorts of tournaments and poker tables you can think of.

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Gambling Site For Christmas

This was our full Christmas gambling pick list. And now that we have listed every single game in existence, except for DFS (which you can still play at some of our partners!)We are here to decide the gambling site of the year. Maybe next year is going to be more fruitful. But for this year, it was Bovada Sportsbook who stood their ground in all aspects.

Despite being sued by a US State for the lack of a US license, it is still one of the most trustworthy and reliable operators, and they have proven it from time to time. Furthermore, they have a large repertoire and festival promotions available.

Click here to stay tuned with Bovada Sportsbook!

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