Clooney Shows No Tolerance for People who Vividly Criticize President Obama

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Following grave disagreements about the US President Obama, George Clooney decides to stand firm on his political stance, as he leaves dinner with Steve Wynn abruptly.

Clooney, who is an avid supporter of Obama, believes the US President should be addressed with proper respect. However, casino developer Steve Wynn, after whom the hotel bears the name, differed greatly in views on the US head.

Clooney reportedly later revealed what words were actually exchanged, “I said the President was my longtime friend and then he said, “Your friend is an a–hole.”

Clooney could not stand the insult directed at his dear friend, which propelled him to instantly leave the dinner. He also added that he “wasn’t going to sit at the table while he was being such a jacka–.”

Wynn on the other hand claims that Clooney was under the influence of alcohol. The casino magnate asserts that the actor had several tequila shots, which made him abrasive and eventually storm out of the place.

Wynn against online gambling

Wynn has previously expressed his reluctance when it comes to the idea of mobile casino gambling. “Where is the business opportunity? I don’t see the business opportunity”

Although he applied for a New Jersey online gaming license, he is still running a land-based casino group. Therefore it is easy to see why his stance is against the implementation of online gaming in the US.

Online casinos are currently a work in progress in the America, however US gambling laws have allowed for some states to offer online betting services.

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