Colombia Gambling Regulator Considers Authorizing New Games

Colombia is hosting FADJA and making plans for the future.

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As FADJA, Latin America’s biggest electronic and online gambling expo is about to open its gates for the 15th time on April 3rd, more information has been surfacing about the plans of the hosting country.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but when it comes to a significant event like this one, online gambling news from Colombia make their way to readers around the world.

Bringing together over 70 exhibitors from a number of countries, as well as around 5,000 operators from Central and South America, FADJA is certainly a must-visit event for the industry and it has gained recognition well beyond the region.

Considering that a third of the exhibitors are now coming to do business from other parts of the world, it can be said that the expo has a truly global outreach and international business perceives a strong potential in the local markets.

Over the past years the accommodating Colombian gambling laws have given rise to a viable industry in the country, serving as a catalyst for similar efforts elsewhere in the region and attracting international interest.

In addition to US enterprises, companies from as far as Ukraine, Taiwan, Slovenia or Germany are coming to showcase equipment and games, technology and software that could spike the interest of the region’s operators.

In a recent interview with Yogonet, Jose Anibal Aguirre, CEO of the expo company hosting the event expressed his expectations that attendees will range from “presidents of multinationals to managers and administrators of small machine rooms”.

He went on to add that they are “counting on visitors who come to explore the possibilities of the medium-term market for internet gambling and other
novel games that the regulator has in mind to authorize in Colombia shortly.”

It is yet unclear whether this statement refers to an impending legalization of domestic online casinos in Colombia, or merely a new line of scratch cards, but we should all keep an eye on the country in the next few months.

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