Communist Rulers Order Crackdown on Alcohol and Gambling in Nepal

Nepal communist bosses order police to crackdown on alcohol and gambling in Nepal rural towns and villages.

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According to online gambling news in Nepal, the communist rulers of Nepal have ordered the provincial police to crack down on alcohol consumption and to close all illegal gambling operations in rural Nepal.

Gambling is illegal under Chinese gambling laws for natives and is only permitted at certain five star casinos in the capital.

DSP Bohara said the root cause of suicide, violence against women and other crimes was gambling, alcohol and capitalism. Most foreign residents prefer the comfort and safety of foreign based online casino in Nepal which are outside the scope of Nepal law enforcement agencies.

Both the Maoist and Marxist political parties have for once united in decrying the problems that drinking alcohol and gambling has on the lives of the proletariat workers.

An especially interesting remark made by one official was that “throughout the thousand year long history of communism, not one party leader around the world was a drinker of alcohol or a gambler and we must live up to their example.”

Alcohol, often home brewed in remote villages has been blamed as the cause of proliferation of crime which has plagues the poor communist country. DSP Bharat Bohara said police had launched checks of cargo entering rural areas to prevent criminal incidents due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

“Police have sought support from women and different youth clubs to control these social evils,” DSP Bohara added.

Taradevi Bam (a local male communist party leader) is the head of a mothers’ group formed to control gambling and drinking after people began disturbing peace and harmony (protest against communism) under the influence of alcohol and after gambling.

“We have formed the group to reduce violence against women and other criminal incidents during the festive season,” Bam explained.

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