Conference On Mobile Gambling And Social Gaming In London

Mobile and social gambling Conference in London addresses privacy, data safety and payment issues

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The British gambling news is full of articles about mobile and social gaming. According to industry experts they represent the future of online gambling. With the introduction of iPhone 5, even more spotlight is cast upon the subject.

Every month, the number of players accessing online gambling sites via smartphones and tablet grow steadily. A similar huge growth can be experienced in the number of gambling applications downloaded for the devices.

Recent inventions enable smartphones, such as the new iPhone 5, to become mobile casinos that can accept bets with a swipe of a finger. New mobile payment solutions are the rage of the Silicon-valley.

The (multi) million-dollar-question of the topic is the transition between virtual currencies and real money. Many mobile applications use some kind of virtual currency that can be traded somehow for real money. They are doing it mostly to bypass regulations that are not as favorable as the British gambling laws that allow real-money bets on mobile devices.

Other key issues in British mobile gambling and social gaming are privacy and data protection. The legislators all around the world are trying to keep up with technological advances, but in many cases, they are way behind the times. In some countries for example it is impossible to pace bets on mobile devices because the law does not allow separate accounts (your phone bill and a virtual wallet) to be handled by one device.

To address the above topic, industry experts will gather at the Social Gambling Conference, held at Dexter House in London on the 16th of November. Notable speakers include Andrew Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder of AbZorba Games, Brock Pierce, CEO of Playsino and a Managing Director of the Clearstone Global Gaming Fund, Jez San, President and Founder of PKR, Manu Gambhir, Founder and CEO of Ryzing and Rich Roberts CEO of Slingo.

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