Italy Introduces New Strict Rules On Gambling Ads

Italian gambling laws become stricter about gambling advertising, huge fines to be paid by failing operators

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Italy’s Official Gazette published the new Italian rules on advertising gambling. Italy’s gambling regulatory organ, the Amministrazione autonoma dei monopoli di Stato (AAMS) will be likely to adopt the new rules from January 1st 2013 onwards.

The new regulation is based on the so-called “Balduzzi Decree”, proposed and written by Italian Health Minister Renato Balduzzi “to regulate the advertising of gambling and to emphasize the risk associated with it.”

The new legislation reminds experts of rather a draft than a precise legal text. The AAMS clearly needs to do several revisions before the ratification by the Italy’s parliament, due in the next 60 days according to insiders in the country’s politics.

Here are the most important changes to the Italian gambling laws:

The advertisement of gambling will be banned on television and radio broadcastings as well as theater and film pieces designed “primarily for young people”. The regulation is not 100 percent clear on defining “young people”, again, a precise definition is eagerly awaited.

The advertisement of gambling will be prohibited in all TV, radio and internet that media that can “create an incentive to the gambling activity or to exalt games.” Whatever that means.

Any form of gambling, including the hugely popular land and internet betting in Italy, must adequately inform possible players of the risks associated with gambling. The must also contain a clear and understandable percentage of pay-out. (Our comment: imply that to poker…)

The new rules are applicable for both land and online casinos in Italy. The new regulation is not to be taken lightly: operators failing to oblige risk some hefty fines up to EUR 500,000.

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