Conor Mcgregor Retirement Odds Hint at an Impending Comeback


Posted: June 30, 2020

Updated: June 30, 2020

  • Conor McGregor announced his retirement
  • Bookmakers cast doubt on his decision
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Recently released Conor McGregor’s retirement odds seriously impugn his decision to quit the combat sports. Bookmakers probably allude to all the doubts other fighters have over his latest announcement. Will the Irishman return to MMA or pick boxing?

Conor McGregor is a prime focus of media outlets once again. Earlier this month the Notorious issued a statement about stepping away from the fight game. It was unexpected, considering he was willing to fight multiple times this year. Many pundits and fighters still question his decision, and online sportsbook sites in Ireland reflect that skepticism. Moreover, oddsmakers predict a comeback as fast as this year.

Conor McGregor Prop Odds
Conor McGregor to come out of retirement 1.01
Conor McGregor to fight in the UFC before the end of 2020 1.75
Conor McGregor to partake in a boxing fight before the end of 2021 2.50
Conor McGregor to retire from the UFC 3 more times by the end of 2025 4.00

Conor McGregor retirement odds scream negotiation tactic

Despite the ultimacy of the statement, there are many mismatches leading people to doubt Conor’s decision. He put the retirement trope in action twice before but made sure to return to the fold. The Irishman usually sets the social media on fire but relents when he settles a suitable deal.

His latest abrupt declaration looks just as dubious as previous ones, considering his reasoning. The betting agencies came up with prop odds almost immediately after the word hit the online sportsbook news in Ireland. he former two-division UFC champion quits over the lack of exciting offers and opponents.

Conor Mcgregor Retirement Odds
Conor McGregor – Image via Flickr

The timing of the announcement is not lost on the people either. McGregor took to Twitter just as Amanda Nunes settled her dominant title defense. Stealing the spotlight means he aims for a significant impact or expects a definite compromise. That is the way many fighters bargain a deal with the promotion.

Priced 1.01 at Megapari Sportsbook, Conor’s comeback seems inevitable. Furthermore, the tipsters are confident he will play the retirement card for at least three times by the end of 2025. Regardless of his notorious reputation, Mac is still the prime draw of the UFC. The promotion will try to keep him on the roster for as long as it’s possible. In other terms, the negotiation is in motion.

Boxing spurs comeback bets

McGregor dreams bigger and always aims for profitable arrangements with a touch of scandal. That’s his hallmark of success. The crossover boxing match against Floyd Mayweather is another shot of ambitions that set a career route and big paycheck. 

Trading at the odds of +2.50 at the Megapari Sportsbook, another boxing event sounds like a smart comeback approach. Fighting under the Queensberry Rules always seemed like a logical switch for Conor. The names are impressive, the income streams in a seven-digit number, and the performance frequency is rather low.

The 31-year-old Crumlin native also appears to fuel boxing rumors, posting some photos of working out at Crumlin Boxing Club. Albeit his boxing debut isn’t really a success, striking is his forte, hence the multiple knockout victories in the Octagon. Many high-profile names will step into a ring with him, including Manny Pacquiao.

After all, Conor never said he is quitting sports altogether. His announcement probably concerns MMA rather than the fighting scene in general. As soon as he feels ready to strike, social media will be on fire again. Waiting for the next challenge, give a shot to Conor McGregor retirement odds and check our review about Megapari Sportsbook.

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