Crazy Gambling Winning Stories: Part 1


Posted: August 4, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Gambling Zion presents the crazy gambling winning stories of Peter Edwards, Cynthia Jay, Patricia Demauro and the MIT students that nowadays gain the status of urban legends.

Gambling wins seem to be strange. There always seem to be something supra-natural about them. At least that is people’s opinion when some of the incredibly

• Luck is sometimes more important than knowledge
• The tragedy of a great gambling win
• Crazy bet and even more crazy win

high prizes were won in the casinos. In these series of two articles GamingZion looks at the destiny of the people who have experienced this crazy gambling magic of winning amazingly high money. Many of their stories seem like taken from a fantasy novel. However, as gambling news report, all of them are true, filling in the record named “crazy gambling winning stories”.

Patricia Demauro throws the dice

If there is one game that many occasional visitors of the casinos do not really understand it is the craps. There are so many options in the game, that it is easy for one who is not used to it to leave the money she won. Patricia Demauro, however, did take her win. Not once, nor twice, but 154 consecutive times. She went at Borgata in Atlantic City with her friend for the second time in her life and decided to throw some dice. She bought in for USD 10, throw the dice and the rest is history. However Demauro never revealed the amount of money she got that Friday night.

The tragic destiny of Cynthia Jay

Cynthia Jay was working as a waitress in a casino in Las Vegas when on 26th of January 2000, she decided to try her luck at the Megabucks slot machine. It was her future mother-in-law birthday so she afforded the pleasure to spend a few bucks on a special night. One, two, three pulls. Nothing. But the fun was getting at a high level so she didn’t stop. Suddenly, ninth pull and the colorful lights from the slot machine were all blinking around one sum: USD 34,959,458.56. Cynthia Jay the cocktail waitress from yesterday was now a multi millionair, winning the highest jackpot in the Megabucks history.

Cynthia Jay Lottery tragedy

The jackpot didn’t bring long happiness to Cynthia Jay

Soon after the jackpot, big plans started to realize. She married her boyfriend, prepared for a trip around the world, thought of investments. But seven weeks after the jackpot win a terrible accident nullified all the pink projections. A drunk driver slammed into Jay, killing her sister and paralyzing Jay down the chest. The trip around the world with the new husband, remained just a wish. She is now in a wheelchair, in a constant need for special care by other people. As online gambling sites in the US report, she said in an interview that she gives up all the million for having the opportunity to walk again and bringing her sister back.

MIT Students rock the casino

Many math students are fascinated by the idea to find the algorithm that will beat the casinos. Most of the attempts were unsuccessful. But there were some however that showed how geeks can conquer Las Vegas. A team of students from MIT used a technique to count the cards in order to discover whether the following cards will primarily be higher or lower. Usually, when higher cards are expected by the gamers they raise the bet.

However raising and lowering the bet correctly and winning great amounts might be an act that can make the dealer notice that one is counting and ask you to leave the table. The team of students from MIT succeeded to pass this unnoticed. How? By a team work, as online gambling news in the US report. One is at a high-roll table, others are counting and signaling to the player, third are distracting the dealer. The team had incredible earnings, most of them used to form an investment company.

The proud grandpa makes a crazy gambling winning story

Harry Wilson’s granddad wins 125000

It was a long shot, but it paid out for Peter Edwards

It is well familiar how grandparents love their grandchildren. However only a few dare to put some crazy bet on them. Peter Edwards is one of them. In 2000 he placed a bet of GBP 50 that his three years old grandson Harry Wilson will play in the national football team of Wales. The sportsbook gave him 2500:1 odds, or translated in pounds GBP 125,000. In 2013 the Welsh national team played a match from the qualification group for the World Cup in Brazil. A surprising tie against Belgium, 1-1, was celebrated all over Wales. However, the most surprised ones were the sportsbooks. In the end of the match a 16 years old debutant enters in the field. He is announced as the bright future of the Welsh football. And guess what? His name was: Harry Wilson.

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