Cricket Betting Guide – How And Where to Begin?

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Cricket Betting Guide

Cricket enjoys a large number of followers. No wonder why online sportsbook sites in the US are following all forms of this sport. If you are interested in this sport but don’t know how to start betting, do not worry. Because this article is a dedicated cricket betting guide, made for you to understand the basics. According to the New York Times for many countries, cricket is more than just a sport. It is an important part of the culture and sports rivalry.

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Cricket Betting Guide: The Betting Types

The reason why cricket betting is fun is that it is much less stressful than other sports. Because it has a consistent and slow pace. The most important thing about a cricket betting guide is to explain the different types of bets you can place. After understanding the basic concept, you can always return to this guide if you feel confused about a certain category. These categories are fairly easy to understand, however, there are many different types. If you are new to the sport of cricket, check out one of our cricket beginner guides too. These categories are indifferent in value. This means, once you become an expert, you can bet on every single category if you wish to do so.

Outright Match Betting

Match betting is the easiest way to bet on cricket. It consists of three options. You can either wager on the home team, the guest team, or the third option: the match result being a draw. When we are speaking of match bettings, we can also bet on whether a match is going to be completed in one day or not. Then you can also wager on a tied match. It is a yes or no question. If you are confident that a match will result in a tie, then you can win double by both betting on the “tied match” category, and the “draw” option of match betting. You can also bet on who will win the tournament. The sportsbook sites already know the history of each participant. Because of that, you are already given the odds for each team.

Placing Bets on the MVPs – Cricket Betting Guide

You can also place bets on the most valuable players. There are more categories within this one, however. Because you can place bets on the Top Batter and the Top Bowler. But if you are still new, and not confident enough in your understanding of the players.

Then you can also decide to wager on which team will have the Top Bowler and Top Batter. According to Thecricketpaper, you must study these players before placing bets on them. The top bowler of all time is Trent Boult. And the best batter is Marnus Labuschagne. If you wish to understand what are the signs of someone becoming the MVP, you should study the successful matches of these two names.

Betting on Numbers

You can also place bets on numbers. If you feel as if you understand the numbers in the game, but not the teams and their players individually, then these categories are for you! You can place bets on how long a match will last. How many runs will happen between two innings? You can place bets on the over or under-scores. You can also try to predict the coin toss combinations. And of course, you can also wager on the overall series scores of a team. The most important part of this cricket betting guide is to always do your research. Otherwise, you are just guessing. Knowing the smallest disadvantages about the players can help you win cash.

Bonus: Start With the Average

There are many effective ways for you to research cricket. You can search google for quick tips. For example, according to Cricketmastery, the average length of a cricket match is around 7.5-8.5 hours. You could also research things such as: Who are the best players?

Cricket Betting Guide
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How many sponsors do the competing teams have? Check out sports reports in which the team captains were reporting their training activities. These are all the valuable information. Because if you can compare two teams, then you already know which teams are in an advantageous position. When two new teams are playing against each other, the match tends to be much faster. In contrast, when two professional and experienced teams are contesting, they tend to take their time.

The Odds Explained in Cricket

For many people, betting is confusing. This is why this cricket betting guide comes with an odd explanation. Whenever you are seeing a match in your sportsbook, you will see numbers after names. Let’s say we talk about the MVP, and you see John Doe (1.50).

  • You place a $10 bet on John Doe (1.89) to be MVP
  • John Doe became the MVP. How much did you profit?
  • Your stake is $10. Multiply it with 1.89. = $18,9 = This is your total cash.
  • Your profit is $8,9. As you receive the stake ($10) back.
  • Cricket betting guide: Which Websites To Visit?

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When you decide to join the world of online bets, the sportsbook site you select is going to be important. Especially if you are not the most confident when it comes to online websites. Pick the one giving you the best offers. But predominantly, pick the one you understand the most. There are many different websites, each of them has its strengths. The best three for you to visit are Bovada Sportsbook, and Bet Online. These three sportsbooks offer security, reliability, and quality. Which categories will you choose to place your bets on?

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