Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Player of the Year 2016 Award, Barca Protest as a Whole

Cristiano Ronaldo Player of the Year 2016

The annual FIFA Gala has been held this year as well, and as always, there are many interesting stories about it. But first, let’s see what the Player of the Year 2016 has had to say about his new prize!

Online betting news in Spain have reported long ago that only three candidates remained for the Player of the Year 2016 award: Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, there was no question which of them has had the best season. Cristiano Ronaldo had to be chosen as Player of the Year 2016. As he himself stated, “My trophies speak for themselves”. Yes Sir, they truly do.

Champions League winner, Euro 2016 champions, FIFA Club World cup and European Supercup winner, all in one year. Griezmann had a fantastic season as well but not even his performances for match for that of the Portuguese. And then there’s Lionel Messi too. He’s always there. If you want to win money for free, you should bet on Messi being chosen as one of the world’s best three footballers of the year. Even if he’s weak and others are better, they still put him in the top three – or usually even top two.

Barcelona refused to attend the event

An online bettor who hopes to win huge amounts of money, shall not bet on Barcelona players to be chosen in the Team of the Year at online sportsbooks in Spain, because the player would face incredibly low odds and couldn’t make too much money out of those kinds of bets. Despite the fact that Iniesta, Suárez, Piqué and Messi were chosen in the Team of the Year 2016, none of the players attended the event.

In fact, Barcelona did not represent itself with one single representative because of their Copa del Rey fixture against Athletic Bilbao. Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu informed the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino that the team will not be represented because of the Blaugrana’s important match in the Spanish Cup.

Real Madrid feel Barca absent shows lack of respect

Representatives of Real Madrid were shocked by the news that Barcelona have not attended the event. Cristiano Ronaldo, upon taking his award, has said “I’m sorry that Barcelona players aren’t here, but I understand them!” Still not sure if Ronaldo just trolled Messi over being grumpy enough not to attend or what happened exactly, but it sure has been a funny moment caused by the Portuguese crack.

Other Real Madrid members, such as Michel Salgado or Ronaldo (the Phenomenon) also had a few words about the absent of the Catalans. In addition, even their own legend, Diego Maradona was missing Messi and said his fellow compatriot should have attended the event.

Ranieri was the manager of the season

Real Madrid launched a rightful candidate for the Manager of the Year 2016 Award as well because Zinedine Zidane has been through a lot: he has lost only 2 games in the whole ear and won 3 trophies for Real Madrid. Online sportsbooks also believed he was the favourite, but Leicester City’s Premier League winner manager Claudio Ranieri was chosen as the Manager of the Year 2016.

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