This Week in Pictures: January 03 – January 09, 2017

Week in Pictures   January 03 - January 09, 2017

There was no shortage of big news stories breaking around the world last week and if you missed any of the big stories here’s a look back at some of the most important.

In the USA last week the FBI, NSA and CIA released a report confirming that Vladimir Putin had unleashed the Russian cyber forces that hacked emails of the Democratic campaign in the lead up to last November’s election, and although the next White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said the President Elect accepts those findings some Donald Trump’s statements on the matter seemed less than supportive of those in the intelligence community attempting to inform him of the world he’ll now rule.

In Brazil a series of deadly prison riots swept the country last week as rival drug gangs fought among themselves in the severely over-crowded and ramshackle system of facilities. It began with a massacre in the prison at Manaus where the FDN had killed members of the PCC with some fifty six deaths reported and then over thirty prisoners were killed at a prison in Boa Vista seemingly in retaliation with the message “The PCC are in charge here. Blood is paid for with blood” scrawled in blood on the floor.

In Israel four soldiers were confirmed to have been killed last week when a truck driven by a Palestinian purposely drove into them. Three of the dead were cadets and more than a dozen others were injured in the attack at a popular scenic spot overlooking Jerusalem and the Old City. The driver of the truck was shot dead. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the driver had been a supporter of so-called Islamic State. Although tensions over Israeli settlements are a more likely reason.

In sports much lauded Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp came a little unstuck last week as he fielded the youngest ever side in the club’s history and for his pains watched them manage only a nil-nil draw against Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup. This means they’re off to Devon for a replay and the question is will he put a bit more experience on the pitch for their second meeting? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime here’s a look at the other big stories we covered last week.

1. GamingZion took a look at the odds to bet on BJ Penn vs. Yair Rodriguez.BJ Penn vs. Yair Rodriguez

Who’s going to win? Rodriguez or Penn(Photo: UFC fightclub)

2.GamingZion collected the best NHL teams and the best odds to bet on Stanley Cup winner.Who Will Win Stanley Cup 2017

Whose name will be engraved on this beauty next? (Photo:

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But is this even a sport? (Photo: Don Feria/AP)

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Prepare to place your bets (Photo: Confederation of African Football)

5. GamingZion collected a list of the best available online betting markets for FA Cup 2017.Best Bets For FA Cup 2017

Do you have your money on any team? (Photo:

6. An 84 year old man, Morris Dadoun qualified for the 2017 PokerStars tournament in the Bahamas.84-Year Old Man PokerStars Tournament

Morris Dadoun, 84 yeal old poker player (Photo: CBC news)

7. Do you have any money on Packer’s game on the 15th?
Check out the Packers vs. Cowboys Betting Odds Set by Intertops!

Check the odds and drop some bets! (Photo: Packers)

Meanwhile in Texas over zealous police officers looked a little shame faced when it was realized Ross Lebeau, arrested three days previously for possessing a half a pound of crystal methamphetamine, was actually merely the owner of some kitty litter used in his vehicle for preventing condensation. Initial tests, according to reports, confirmed the bag was one of crystal meth, but more extensive tests showed this to be false. The Harris County Sheriff’s office did not issue an apology for their manifest stupidity.

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