What Are The Best Bets For FA Cup 2017?

to win FA Cup 2017

This weekend is free of Premier League because another prestigious tournament takes its place this time. The FA Cup is about to become interesting from now on as the big teams are also about to enter the race. Who is going to be knocked out too early, which underdogs will perform surprisingly well? Let’s see the best bets for FA Cup!

Of course, we can always take the big teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal and waste our bets at online sportsbooks in the UK on 1.01 bets. Because let’s face it, these teams against the respective opponents of Peterborough, Plymouth and Preston…well, how to put it nicely. We can’t expect these teams to cause such a shocking surprise as to knock out these teams.

Despite the fact that betting on the underdogs might be rewarding on some occasions, maybe it’s not such a good idea to bet against the best English teams in the FA Cup. However, we can still spot some teams that are underdogs but might still cause surprise. Let’s see if we can find these. What are the best bets for FA Cup? Let’s discover them!

Bet on Everton v Leicester!

Everton v Leicester would have been a great derby in the previous season and it can be just as exciting this year as well! Last season’s champions are not even close to be as good in the Premier League as they have been a year ago, but they are doing surprisingly well in the Champions League.

Everton v Leicester FA 2017

Put your money on the winner!

Maybe they are specialized to win cup tournaments this season? Their squad is obviously not strong enough for the triple competition, but they might get themselves together for the games that are really important. Bet on them to beat Everton for 4.20 (16/5) odds at Betway!

Bet on Manchester teams to reach the final!

The two Manchester-based teams, United and City, and going to lay respectively against Reading and West Ham in the first round. However, you can already bet on FA Cup finalists if you prefer outright betting instead of just placing bets on each game. While online gambling news in the UK don’t really want to believe that Pep can save this season for City, we sure as hell shouldn’t look down on the Catalan manager and his performances in the first season.

The odds for Manchester United to reach FA Cup final are 4.50 (7/2), while these odds for Pep Guardiola’s men are 3.50 (5/2). Chelsea has the same rate as their blue mates, 3.50 (5/2) and other likely candidates are Arsenal and Liverpool, with their respective odds of 4.50 (7/2) and 5.00 (4/1). All odds can be found at 32Red Sportsbook.

These are of course only a few of the many available betting markets that one can find upon checking out what online sportsbooks have to offer in each country. It’s always worth taking the time to check out all these betting sites and choosing the best ones with the best odds on offer. Don’t do differently this time either: take advantage of the best bets for FA Cup 2017!

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