Novelty Betting On Celebrity Big Brother Beckons At Bet365

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

There’s 14 new housemates in the Big Brother house as CBB series 19 gets underway in the UK but with past series demonstrating it can be as patchy as Zhu Ting Olympics volleyball form will this celebrity edition be fireworks or fizzle? Either way it still makes for a great piece of novelty betting at Bet365 so let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Longshot Housemates CBB 2017

• Bianca Gascoigne – 16/1
• James Jordan – 16/1
• Angie Best – 20/1
• James Cosmo – 20/1
• Jamie O’Hara – 25/1
• Nicola McLean – 33/1
• Jasmine Waltz – 50/1

When new the Big Brother formula was revolutionary. Lock a selection of the great unwashed in a house together, film them 24 hours a day and set them stupid tasks to manage the dynamic to provide the best television possible. Untested and untried it was quite the gamble, but now the same system has spread world-wide and made Endemol rich, even spawning off-shoots like Celebrity Big Brother which got underway in the UK this week, and on which Bet365 is offering odds for you novelty betting fans.

Naturally Celebrity Big Brother differs in many ways from the original in which members of the public are gawped at and scorned. The tasks are a little less humiliating, the atmosphere a little less fraught, and given what a double edged sword it can be for someone with half a career still left somewhere outside, everyone is just a little more careful with what they say to whom, but if you’re fond of novelty betting Celebrity Big Brother is perfect, it’s frivolous, disposable, and not against UK gambling laws.

Bet365 Has All The Novelty Betting Odds On The New CBB

This year its Channel 5 with their finger on the pulse of the programme and they’ve termed it “All Stars & New Stars” referring to the mixture of housemates who will over the course of the series go through the usual process of nominating their fellow housemates for eviction votes by the general public. The question is, if one were to divert a typical bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 towards CBB, who should you back in what is perhaps the ultimate in novelty betting? Well let’s take a look at the housemates.

Top Tipped Housemates CBB 2017

• Callum Best – 11/4
• Spencer & Heidi – 5/1
• Austin Armacost – 5/1
• Ray J – 10/1
• Brandon Block – 12/1
• Coleen Nolan – 14/1

The longshot of this novelty betting extravaganza is Jasmine Waltz, the American model and actress from Femmes Fatales and Secret Girlfriend and who competed before in CBB 13 where she was second out the door, she comes in at 50/1 to win, with Nicola McLean, who appeared on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, at 33/1 after which it’s Jamie O’Hara (footballer and former WAG owner) at 25/1 ahead of both James Cosmo, the actor and Angie Best, former Playboy bunny at 20/1.

Celebrities Locked Up Together In The Name Of Entertainment

The Stacy Francis, the American singer, was at 18/1 on Bet365, but got the boot already with both James Jordan (noted ballroom dancer) and Bianca Gascoigne (daughter of England footballer and crybaby Paul) garnering 16/1 leaving the old hand Coleen Nolan on 14/1, Brandon Block, a club DJ, on 12/1 and Ray J, who is Snoop Dogg’s cousin, at 10/1 to win. Of course anyone in the UK gambling news outlets will fail to let them know every little thing that goes on won’t have placed this novelty betting mainstay before.

Novelty Betting On Celebrity Big Brother Beckons At Bet365

There can be only one ! (Photo: Mirror)

At the top of the odds at Bet365 etc are Austin Armacost who has made a name for himself across the pond on reality TV shows like The A-List New York and by dating Marc Jacobs (a well-known designer) along with the duo Spencer & Heidi, a US reality TV couple who come as a set and starred in MTV series “The Hills”. They get 5/1 but that falls somewhat short of Callum Best who, perhaps because he’s got his mum along to hold his hand, is 11/4 favourite to win this novelty betting must already.

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